YouTube and Patreon Still Aren’t Paying the Rent for Most Creatives

This is reflected in his cover photo, which displays Gary in mid-flow giving a presentation. The channel art also serves as a promotion tool for The Gary Vee Video Experience and reinforces the cadence of new videos on Mondays through Fridays. Read more about buy youtube subscribers here. Working as an affiliate of various brands can make you money — albeit usually less than a YouTube Partner campaign — each time that company makes a sale off a link you post on one of your videos.

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If you created a video as part of a larger campaign or global trend, be sure to include relevant #hashtags where appropriate to ensure your video is included in the conversation. If you created a video to build awareness around your brand, consider posting the link in your profile bios. If you are filming your video with a phone, be sure to turn it sideways and film in landscape mode.

There are a number of simple things you can do to help your content, such as including a major keyword in the title, using relevant tags, and a lengthy and well-crafted description. These allow brands or creators to promote up to four elements at the end of a video, such as another video, playlist, or an external website. This lets the viewer know that they can take further action, which could help to keep them within the channel walls rather than clicking away elsewhere. In order to achieve consistency, it is vital that brands build acontent plan or strategy, mapping out when and what videos will be created and posted.

These YouTube conversations add a whole new dimension to YouTube influencer marketing campaigns. Toys are some of the most featured unboxing videos and are popular among kids and collectors. But there are videos for nearly any product or service that you could imagine, including electronics, software, kitchen utensils, outdoor products, and more. And because YouTube is the second-largest search engine online, creators enjoy more options for content discovery. Brands that partner authentically with YouTubers can increase their awareness and grow their communities. Sending product to an influencer is a good place to start when looking for a collaboration.

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