Your Guide to Using Instagram for Business

Later’s Best Time to Post feature is available on all paid plans. Upgrade now to find the best days and times to post on Instagram for maximum engagement. You can quickly drag and drop your videos into the right order, resize them, add links, and set a time for posting. People tend to be more engaged when they see a face pop up on a brand account’s stories. If you’re wondering where to start, here are 25 Instagram stories ideas to start building that engagement.

Utilize the platform to discover new products and services, 81% use it to research beforehand, and 80% make a buying decision. Planable, you can upload your files, add your copy and hashtags, and even collaborate with your team for feedback. With tools like Planable, you can easily drag and drop your posts and rearrange everything until you reach perfection. If you don’t have the colors yet, pick no more than three shades that fit your brand. Give it time and make sure you’re going with the right colors, as they will become the visual personality of your account. The truth is you can always create an Instagram grid out of your own magic formula, combine the brand colors, add borders and sprinkle some quotes on top, or whatnot.

Here’s a peek at Hootsuite Analytics, which shows you the most Instagram important metrics to track alongside performance stats from your other social networks for easy comparison. The algorithm ranks Reels for their entertainment value. Here’s how to grow your reach and optimize the power of the latest Instagram algorithm. Social media algorithms are built to encourage genuine, positive behaviors on the platforms such as sharing, showing appreciation, quick replies, and more. Often, they would also try to discourage abuse or hacks. I believe this is about the allocation of your resources and time.

The best follows are accounts that are interested in the same kind of content as you. Check the Explore and Reel feeds, and search for keywords and hashtags related to the hobbies and interests you like to post about. Is your business active on other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok?. While you should, of course, adapt it to perform well on each platform, cross-posting and promoting your Instagram content can be the motivation people need to check you out there. Read more about buy instagram followers here. User-generated content can give you an edge like no other.

Think about the posts you hit “like” on as you’re scrolling through Instagram. Friends may forgive a blurry photo because they know and love you. But, when you’re trying to pique the interest of collectors across the world, they may not be convinced when your photos—and captions—are poor. Target audiencewhen you are trying to grow your account.

Based on the new Instagram updates shared by Adam Mosseri, their researches show that most of the people coming back to Instagram are looking for ENTERTAINMENT. At the end of June, the social network announced a new feature that allows black-owned businesses to be more easily discovered. This means that users will be able to analyze the last two months of data without the need for third-party apps that provide the option for expanding the tracking period. By clicking on the ads, users will be redirected to the product page, where they can be informed in more detail about the product they clicked on.

Then, create a cohesive feed by using a photo editing app like Afterlight or VSCOcam to create a custom editing process. Now, don’t get me wrong – not all of the people you follow will follow you back. But some of them will, and there’s a good chance they’ll engage with you if you’re posting the right content. But even if you’re marketing to an older demographic, Instagram is worth your time. After all, at 4.21%, brand engagement rates highest on Instagram.

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