You Should Know This Tree Pruning Rules

Pruning is regarded as a simple task by the majority of homeowners. But a lot of other factors are also considered which obviously include Tree Pruning Ottawa, the species, and the size of the plant. The location of your plant and the growth behavior also play an important role in the process. 

Else, you might end up damaging the tree. Read ahead and you will know more about pruning rules which will help you in taking better decisions. This will lead you to maintain the health and appearance of your plant.

When the Trees Are Dormant, Prune

Pruning trees should generally be done during the dormant season. You can lessen their stress in this manner. Additionally, accessing the limbs during dormancy and determining where to make the proper cuts is simpler.

    2. First, Remove the Weakest Limbs

It’s not necessary to wait until the appropriate time of year to trim sick, hurt, or dead branches. To strengthen the plant and prevent severe harm, be careful to prune it right away. Additionally, by eliminating these branches, you can make sure that the plant will develop and bear fruit as you want it to, have access to appropriate water and nutrients, and be able to resist adverse weather. Pruning the weakest trees first and the strongest ones last is the ideal strategy.

     3. Use the 1/3 Rule

This rule, according to Ottawa Tree Surgeons, works best for fruiting trees and keeps them productive. Trimming around 1/3 of the branch is required, as cutting more than that may increase the risk of damage or stunt its growth. Pruning too little, on the other hand, will not produce the desired results.

    4. Make the Necessary Cuts

Tree pruning cuts recommended by qualified arborists include:

  • A thinning cut removes an entire branch, shoot, or scaffold without affecting the trees’ shape, health, or growth.
  • A heading cut is energizing and promotes the growth of fresh, sturdy shoots beneath them. Additionally, it causes shade and crowding. The tree’s health could be harmed if you make too many little heading cuts, so try to limit them.

     5. Cut The Undersides of the Objects

Trim on the underside of the branch to prevent the development of sturdy upright shoots, shade, and extra pruning expenses.

    6. Keep the Proper Height

The greatest technique to maintain the ideal tree height and guarantee proper structure is through proper pruning. It is best to begin this process when your tree is still young because it can be challenging to maintain the height of a tall tree through pruning.

   7. Remove Worn-Out Spurs

When compared to healthy spurs, old, weak spurs bloom later and produce smaller fruits. Pruning them back to one or two buds facing up will ensure their strength. They will receive more sunlight this way.

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