Why get a Head Shaver for Men over traditional razors?

If we talk about the world of male grooming, there are certain styles and fashions that can simply never go out of style. Some trending styles like the baldie top, the crew cut, and the flat back and sides have become almost evergreen when it comes to the genre of male haircutting and grooming. One of the most important pieces of equipment in this field is undoubtedly a Head Shaver for Men. Here, you should note that the lowly razors and scissors can never achieve the best bald top that you might be waiting to flaunt. This is where a Head Shaver comes in. Here, we will be taking a look at the various benefits that these shavers bring to the table, or shall we say, to the salon, and why you should definitely pick one up.

The good ones

Are you trying to achieve a smooth bald top? Well, as a word of caution, while shaving, you can face a number of niggling issues that aren’t easily overcome by the Razor. An easy job of this can be easily done by a Head Shaver for Men,not only faster but also in a far better and safer manner. The many benefits of these shavers are mentioned as follows:

(1) All-around protection from nicks, injuries, and cuts: Men who shave their heads face on a regular basis carry the risk of the pain and agony that is caused by accidental nicks, cuts, and abrasions. Traditional razors do not have any precautionary measures that would enable them to safeguard one from these injuries. On the other hand, a Head Shaver comes with a protective foil that negates the need for the skin to come in contact with the blades in order to achieve a perfect shave. Thus, it can be said that with a Head Shaver for Men, this problem can be mitigated to a great extent. The foil acts as a barrier, preventing the hair to come in direct contact with the blades, thereby averting injuries.

(2) Defense from In-grown Hairs: One of the worst and most torturous experiences that one can go through is In-grown hairs. The traditional razors are made up of multiple blades, which affects different skins differently. This causes the occurrence of In-grown hairs. If you face such a cataclysm, it is always a good option to switch over to a Head Shaver since they feature properly spaced blades that cause no damage to the scalp or the roots, thereby reducing the risk of ingrown hairs to a great extent. By the way, after reading this, you might be thinking about what in-grown hairs actually are. Well, these are hairs that start to grow back into the skin after waxing or shaving. And needless to say, you would never want something like that to happen to you or any of your loved ones.

(3) Ideal for Sensitive Skin: The most common discomfort that men face while shaving their heads with traditional razors is that it tugs and scrapes off their hair. This can result in skin irritation. However, in a modern Head Shaver for Men, the blades basically snip off the hair, without really affecting the hair. In this way, these shavers ensure complete protection of the skin and this feature is most sought-after for people who happen to have sensitive skin. With the development of technology, there have been humungous improvements in these shavers and the niggling issues are being mitigated to a large degree.

(4) Durable: When compared to traditional razors, the upfront costs are quite high for a Head Shaver. But, since they last for a very long time, the cost balances out in the long term. Also, with a Head Shaver for Men, there is no requirement for much maintenance, but it is still a good idea to replace the blades once a year or according to your individual usage. This is because most of them are pretty robust ones, made out of high-grade stainless steel that can work just fine under difficult conditions.

(5) Delivers an enjoyable shaving experience: A Head Shaver can really work at a High RPM of about 10,000 or more. But, how does this even matter? Well, it is the RPM speed that ensures a safe and pleasant shaving experience each time, every time. Also, if you compare it with the time taken to shave with a traditional foam razor, you will find that with a Head Shaver, you are saving a lot of your time. Its waterproof nature makes sure that you are spared from the risk of getting an electric shock since it is pretty obvious that you are going to use these shavers around moist areas like showers, washbasins, etc. These are some of the features that make a Head Shaver for Men a sure choice over its contemporaries.

Key Takeaway:

Head shaving can turn out to be a nightmare if you don’t have the right gear to back you up. Are you one of those who loves donning a smooth bald top? Then, you should definitely consider picking up a good quality Head Shaver as it is only this piece of equipment that will make achieving a bald top a breeze.

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