Why Does Some Surah In Quran Are Makkai And Maddinai

As the Muslim when you read the Quran then you are not able to differentiate between the verses in the Quran but in reality, there are some differences which you will be able to comprehend in the future. For example you will be able to analyze that some of the surah in the Quran are from the Mecca era whereas some of them are from the madani era. You should know that you will be able to differentiate between these chapters by the language used and the message instructed.

Directed to non-Muslims

Actually the Mecca era is when Muhammad peace be upon him was in Mecca before the hijra. He was fighting and talking and guiding the non-Muslims so the language used in that chapters are very aggressive and directed to non-Muslims in order to tell them that you should be reverted to Islam and the prophet is from Allah. On the other hand if you are going to analyze this chapters then you will find that the language used is very aggressive and some of the time it is not understood in the true way. Today many of the non-Muslims thing that the language used is very aggressive and it is not good but in reality they are not realizing that the time when these chapters were released were very hostile and it needs to be directed to the non-Muslims in that way in order to tell them that they are wrong.

Instructions to Muslims

On the other hand in the madani chapters you are going to find that they are directed to Muslims in the peaceful way because Muslims are going to listen to it because they are Muslims and they know that they are talking to Allah. The language used in these chapters are very soft and because the Muslims doesn’t need to be talked in the aggressive way. The madine chapters are at the time when the Muhammad peace be upon him has made the hijra to Madina and was along with the Muslim people in Madina. Learning by the Online Quran Academy having the basic knowledge helps you. In this chapter you are going to find the basic Islamic guidance and instructions which are going to be helping the Muslims in order to fight with the shaitan and also do the acts according to Islam like prayer and everything. Some of the time the versus in the chapters are understood in the wrong way. Because people doesn’t know that some of them are madani chapters with easy language and some of them are makki chapters with hard language.


So in the easy language you have analyzed that what are the differences between these chapters and how you can analyze the difference between them. You will be able to find the difference by the language and also the message conveyed through Allah. Even though these are the differences in the Quran but you should not focus on them. You should not think that these are the versus for specific people and specific time but in fact it is for the whole world and for the whole time. You should read that what are the instructions and what are the languages used and why they have been used and what are the directed to and analyze that what are the mistakes and what are the good things the people are doing.

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