Where is the Chrome Reporter Tool

Where is the Chrome Reporter Tool

Primarily, the Software Reporter Tool is the executable file located in the Chrome App Data Folder as Software_reporter_tool.exe. The Chrome app data profile contains information about the user’s Chrome profile, such as browser settings, bookmarks, saved passwords, and other user

information. Among these many user data, the .exe file is visible under the SwReporter folder in the Chrome folder of folder.

Is Chrome Reporter Tool Safe to Use

As a user, you may be concerned about privacy. If you are unsure about your network life, you can simply check the authenticity of the tool by simply moving the cursor on the .exe file. You may notice that the component is digitally signed by Google with the file description Chrome Cleanup Tool. So this tool is completely safe. It is worth mentioning that the reporting tool has no network communication. The only job of this tool is to report to Chrome about the software that may not work conventionally with the Chrome browser.

Chrome Software Reporter Tool vs Chrome Cleanup Tool

In other words, the Reporter tool is associated with the Chrome Cleanup Tool. Yes, you are right! Both tools are identical. Then you might be wondering what could be the need to have them as a separate tool. According to Google, the software reporting tool reports the scans to Chrome, and based on the scan reports, the Chrome browser prompts the user to remove the unwanted software through the Chrome Cleanup tool. A.D

While the tool helps remove obstacles that can hinder the browser experience, many users are mainly concerned about their huge CPU consumption on running the tool in the background. The tool may run for approximately 20 minutes which may slow down your other activity on the system. It’s worth noting that this tool can’t be a source of the breach unless you run the third-party software that poses a problem on a regular basis.

Disable the Google Chrome Software Reporter tool

You can find the Software Reporter Tool at the following path in Windows 10 and older versions of Windows:

While it is simple and quite easy to remove, uninstall or delete the contents of the entire folder or rename the executable itself, it only gives temporary relief as Google starts pushing the Software Reporter Tool back into the system, when you refresh browsers.

So, a more viable option is to remove permissions so that no user has access to the folder.

Do this, Right-click on the SwReporter folder and select Properties from the menu.

Next, switch to the Security tab in the Properties dialog.

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