Free Astrology- What your Birth Chart can tell you?


You may consider your Birth chart or Natal chart as a map of your life. This map represents the placement of your planets at the exact moment of your birth. Every Birth chart has something unique to surprise a person.

To predict the placement of the planets, a person must know the exact time and place of their birth on earth. Astrologers interpret the chart by looking at the interaction of all your astrological elements which are based on the epitomes represented by each of the signs.

Birth Chart and what it reveals

A Birth Chart or Natal Chart is an Astrological chart. It represents the position of the sun, the moon, and other planets at the exact birth time of a person. The Birthplace and time of a person affect his/ her birth chart. 

One can find the Natal Chart in Indian astrology, Chinese astrology, and Western traditions of astronomy. Visually chart is divided into 12 different sections. In the chart, each section is named after the famous assemblage i.e. Zodiac Signs. 

What Astrology can tell you?

Astrology discovers your needs and may also provide you with the best ways to accomplish your goals. It is a belief that Astrology can predict the major happenings of the future. Astrology tells about the apparent part of the personality. It indicates the deeper part of the self. However, the accuracy of the prediction depends upon the skills of an Astrologer. It is a science that an individual learns with experience, practice, and effort.

What is Moon Sign?

The Moon sign has a straight connection with your inner self. It represents your inner traits. The moon sign says a lot about how you channel your emotions in different directions. It governs your mood and gives an insight into how you feel and love.

You also meet a lot of people with the same moon sign as you but find them very different. It is because the moon sign has the guard on inner feeling which comes out in personal space.

Meaning of Moon Sign in your Life

Your moon sign has a direct connection with your inner self. It brings its effect on your serious relations and intimate affairs. It governs the way you react to personal comments, affection, fondness, interests, and desires. 

What is Sun Sign?

In true Astrological terms, your sun sign describes your Zodiac personality & features. Sun indicates the actions, force, and energy of an individual. Sun is the life-giving entity. 

The sun sign contributes to our overall personality. It is the major factor that affects significant stages of life. The study of the sun signs takes a person to the deep & endless ocean of explanations and elaborations. You may also refer it to as the Star sign.

What is the Rising Sign?

The Rising Sign, also known as the Ascendant is a part of the Zodiac signs that was “rising” at the time of a person’s birth. If we only depend on the Rising Sign only, it may confuse. A person represents stoutly the Nakshatra along with the division of the moon sign that they are born with. The direct connection of the Rising sign is with a person’s impression of the outer world. An individual may act calm & shy or loud & angry it is because of the rising sign and its associated effect. It determines the mannerism and first impression.  

Meaning of Rising Sign in your Birth Chart

The Rising Sign is a dominant indicator of one’s personality. It creates an outer manifestation of an individual. When you meet with people, your rising sign interacts with them.

It happens many times that you project a calm &stable personality in front of people even when you are feeling drastic from the inside. Your dramatic sign may differ from your sun sign and moon sign. Your rising sign offers you a physical manifestation.

Analysis of your Birth Chart

Understanding the sun sign, moon sign, and rising sign allow typical knowledge of Astrology. Now that you have learned enough about the birth chart, its meaning, and how it affects your life you may step forward to analyze your birth chart.

Final Words

These were some major information about a person’s natal chart and how it brings meaning to one’s life. A person is born with a unique imprint. The curiosity to plummet into the deepest ocean of own emotions& realize self-strength never ends for any person.

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