What to Look for in a Portable Solar Panel? – A Comprehensive Buying Guide 

solar panels

From the regular photovoltaic cells to the interior design and functionality, portable solar panels are not much different. However, it might be an understatement to say that these are only small-sized versions of the original solar panels. Since the entire mechanism has to be shifted to a minimal version, there are some losses. However, there is no doubt that foldable solar panels are cheaper and take less time to install, maintain and manage. 

Solar panels are a productive ‘Green’ product that generates electricity with the help of sunlight. So, complying with the go green initiative, these solar cells are worth considering.  These work best in an abundance of sunlight, so you can not expect there to be an hour of sun to be enough to function. Since the small portable solar panels have fewer features and options, an extra kit is attached. You can connect cables and use a charge controller, battery, or storage case whenever needed. 

The Functionality of a Solar Panel

solar panels

The photovoltaic cells in a portable solar panel contain various layers of silicon. When the sun’s rays hit the panel, photons are released, creating an electric field between these layers of silicon in each cell. Metallic strips are attached to the panel to channel this electric field and send it to the battery or grid based on the system. And it’s actually how renewable solar energy is packed into volts to apply your electrical devices with an electric current. 

What are the Main Features of Small Portable Solar Panels?  

solar panels

What to look for in a portable energy panel when buying? This question is repeatedly searched on popular search engines, and thereby we are paying heed to it. 

Is It Truly Portable? 

Assessing portability before the purchase is crucial if you wish to carry solar panels with you on your camping trips. When you are not up to buying shiny black large slabs angled towards the sun to earn sunshine, you really need to discover portable versions. All in all, it shouldn’t be bulky to burden you on long outdoor treks. 

These mini solar panels are lightweight and compact in design employing a similar technical intent to achieve the function. Such portability aids in powering a recreational vehicle or electrical devices off the grid. 

Pay Attention to its Wattage 

Not sure about this term? Let’s discover together. Watts is the power unit, and it can easily be evaluated with the number of electrical devices you wish to run on a solar generator powered by a energy panel. You can always choose between 50-watts, 100-watts, and 200-watts portable panels commonly available in the market. Lower wattage solar panels are not the most desirable because they have very little power storage capacity and are too slow in charging up your devices. 

Does it Come with a Waterproof Kit? 

A waterproof kit is usually available along with the portable solar panel that you buy. If you need great value for money when choosing the right movable solar panel for your house, always look for this. The waterproof kit isn’t only super-easy to use but also helps you keep the panels clear and safe. Your energy system will not be impacted by rain in and of itself. Due to their waterproof nature, energy panels are unaffected by rain. In fact, rain is advantageous since it will wash away some of the dirt and debris that, over time, builds up on the panels.

Is it Operable with Your Smartphones? 

You can adjust the solar panel wherever and whenever you like, just with a click. Check if your panels support this operable feature prior to making a purchase. This way, portable panels are preferred more by people who keep moving. So if you’re currently on a trip and cheap electricity sounds like a great option, these solar panels can be ideal! 

Value For Money

When looking for a desirable solar panel, the cost factor is eliminated. It is more important to focus on the quality rather than the purchase amount. So it is not of concern whether the panel to be bought is cheap or expensive. But the energy panel should stand up to your requirements.

Wrapping It Up 

The tips can essentially help you find the right portable solar panel brand.  Considering the basis will aid you in making choices as per your needs. Our buying guide on portable solar panels will streamline your search and help you with the purchase. 

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