What Is the Stone of Destiny and Where to Find It

Scotland is an amazing country filled with legend and exciting stories. It is perfect for those who want to learn more about the culture and history of Great Britain. There have been a great number of history-defining moments here. If you want to experience history firsthand, you ought to check out some of the top locations here. Edinburgh is not only the capital city but also one of the top attractions here. So UK car hire will be of assistance for you in your explorations. If you are a history aficionado and really want to see how the foundations of the country were laid, then you ought to learn more and if possible see the Stone of Destiny.

The History of the Stone of Destiny

The Sti=one of Destiny, otherwise known as the Stone of Scone, is basically the symbol of the Scottish monarchy. This is basically a pinkish-looking sandstone that could be found near the Scone. It is the stone that was used in the coronation of Scottish and then English monarchs. It was seen as a sacred object and used for the inauguration of kings throughout the centuries in Scotland. Then in 1296, it was taken away by English King Edward I and then it was made a part of the throne. It was used in the coronation of English monarchs.  Then in 1996, it was officially returned to Scotland, even though the attempt to do so was made in 1950 by some Scottish students. Ever since its return, it is on display in the Crown Room. The stone can only leave its home when it is used in the coronation of future monarchs. So when you arrive in Edinburgh, check out car hire prices and head out to explore the city. You’ll feel closer to this part of history.

Legends of the Stone

If you rent a car in Edinburgh, be sure to head to the Crown Room and feel closer to this legendary item. It is rumoured to be the pillow of biblical Jacob. His offspring brought it to Spain, once she got married to its king. Then their descendants took it with them when they moved to Ireland. Finally, it found its home in Scotland, when one of the first Scottish kings brought it here.

Another legend claims that this stn was used as proof of the fact that Scotland deserves independence from England. They say that the story of its origins was created for Pope Boniface. The reason was to persuade him to grant them independence from the English. The other tales say that the real Stone of Destiny was hidden from the English King back in 1296 by monks and that its whereabouts are currently unknown. But there are lots of speculations around this topic and many people believe that the original stone is actually on display.

Other Top Attractions in the City

Edinburgh is definitely the gem of Scotland, its architecture is amazing. The views and landscapes are marvellous and it has this ever-present vibe of historical importance behind every corner.  Certainly upon arrival there, hire a car in Edinburgh and head out to the Edinburgh Castle. Not only to see the Stone of Destiny but also to visit other exhibits, like the National War Museum and the exhibit of crown jewels. 

The Holyrood Palace is another landmark that lets you get closer to history. It is the official residence of the Queen when she is in the city. But mostly throughout the year, the palace is open to the public. If you are travelling with family, then you ought to visit the Family Room. The kids will be able to try on different costumes and you can stay a bit longer in the cafe, and have an afternoon tea here. Then you can take a stroll down the Royal Mile and enjoy some of the most majestic views.

Overall, Edinburgh is a great place with an incredibly long history. If you opt to go there to see the Stone of Destiny, you will get an incomparable feeling of getting closer to the history and culture of this country. Be sure to go on a guided tour to learn much more about the origins of this item and the influence it has had in the shaping of current culture.

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