What is the difference between a working day and a business day?

Working days and working days must not be confused when calculating and counting paid leave. These are actually 2 different concepts.

Business day

All days of the week are considered working days, except

  • Weekly rest day (usually Sunday)
  • Public holidays (during which the company does not work)

Saturday and Monday are therefore, for example, working days even if the staff does not normally work on these days.

Business day

Working days are the days normally worked in the company, even if all the staff does not necessarily work on those days. Generally working days are Monday to Friday.

However, in many businesses, Saturday is a working day while Monday is not.

And in practice, the calculation of paid leave, what does it look like?

If the calculation of paid leave in the company is done in working days, the employee is entitled to 30 days of paid leave per year.

If the count is made in working days, he is entitled to 25 annual days.

The employee therefore acquires 2.5 days of paid leave per month in working days against 2.08.

What type of statement should you choose and in which cases can you apply it as an HR manager?

The Labor Code leaves companies the choice to choose the method of counting paid leave that suits them best: either in working days or in working days. In the first case, employees will be entitled to 25 days of paid leave in the year. In the second case, their stock of annual leave increases to 30 days. This difference allows equal treatment, with the same effective duration of leave in both cases.

In practice, we find that the count in working days is easier to organize for the company.

HR professionals manage a more intuitive device and employees have a much better understanding of the counters that indicate the number of days they have. This option limits misunderstandings and possible tensions.

The concept of working days makes it possible to value the absences of employees and in particular the acquisition and counting of paid leave. The majority of employees working five days a week, the count of paid leave in working days is simpler than that given by the labor code based on working days.

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