What is IMU CET and Should You Take Coaching?

IMU CET or even known as Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test,  is the entry to a great career at sea i.e., the Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy is acquiring popularity amidst the youth and is a career that is desired by many youngsters. Whoever wants to enter have to attempt this National Level , common entrance test, to get registered in the three most well-known courses offered by The Indian Maritime University given below:

  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • B.Sc. in Nautical Science
  • B.Tech in Marine Engineering

So, if you too want to get enrolled in these courses, you must do well at this test. Of course, you can consider taking Coaching for imu cet and ensure that you do well. Moreover, other than these courses that are desirable by the utmost , aspirants for courses like Maritime Science or Shipbuilding and Repair, Naval Architecture and even Ocean Engineering appear for IMUCET. Moreover, people who sit in this exam to enrolled in one of the six IMU colleges or even diverse other private colleges that are affiliated to the Indian Maritime University.

Quick walk through Imucet eligibility 

  • You must have Physics, Chemistry and even Maths, and English in Class 11th and 12th.
  • You must have scored as a minimum of 60 percent aggregate in PCM.
  • You must have scored as a minimum of fifty percent in English in either Class 10th or even Class 12th.
  • Note that for ST/SC, five % relaxation in eligibility marks (No relaxation in English subject).
  • At the time of applying for this test your age should be seventeen years and utmost be twenty five years on the day the course is supposed to start in the respective year (mostly by August every year).
  • ST/SC candidates get five percent of relaxation in maximum age.

IMUCET syllabus 

The pattern of IMUCET is quite dynamic and differs slightly every year. However, subjects like Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English, General Awareness, Static General Knowledge, and even General Aptitude include the syllabus of IMUCET. The value of the subjects and topics is accountable to change each year. So, the point is you have to be updated with the latest syllabus before you start your preparation. 

Importance of taking coaching for IMU CENT 

if you are not sure about your prep for this test, you should take up coaching. You have no idea how your coaching class can be really helpful for you. If you are on the fence about taking a coaching class then here are some points for you to walk through:

You skip nothing 

when you join up a coaching class, you will not miss on anything. The point is simple, the coaching professionals will have ethe expertise and experiences of teaching so match batches of this test. Hence, they would have everything on their fingertips. The point is, they would make sure that you get to learn everything step-by-step. You will not miss out on anything when you have professional guidance of experts.

Generally, when applicants study themselves for this test, they start their preparation randomly. Certainly, it is somewhat dangerous because when they prepare they simply miss something or the other important. Here, once they are enroll in a coaching class. They will have to follow the format of the exam. Hence, they can be sure that they study everything properly.

Professional supervision 

Indeed, when you have experts of coaching classes to guide you through, you can be sure that you prepare well. You can be definite that professionals will keep a check on your study growth and understanding of concepts. The point is simple, there will be a proper check on your studies and you can be sure that you are not doing any blunder while preparing. These professionals will point out any mistakes or things if there will be anything wrong with your prep.

The point is when you are studying yourself, you may make mistakes and may not even get to know about them. It would be harmful for your performance on the final day. However, when you are studying with the help of a coaching, you will be at peace that there are extra pairs of eyes keeping a check on your progress. Hence, in their supervision, you can prepare faster, better and effectively.

Proven tips and tricks 

Indeed, you can be sure that you have a basket full of tips and tricks when you have professionals on your side. Indeed, in this way, you can be definite that professionals share their tips and tricks with you and you prepare and perform well. After all, it is about preparing effectively and efficiently. When you prepare well, you perform well. And tips and tricks will ensure that you do much better than you think.

Tests for your betterment 

Indeed, when you take professional assistance for your prep, you can be sure that you are taking manifold tests from time to time. You can be certain that your preparation is effective and powerful. The point is these experts will set professional and exam like tests to evaluate your progress and understanding of concepts. In this way, you can be definite that you get the perfect experience of solving questions that you may encounter on the day of the test. These practice test will help you too in understanding how you are performing and where you are lacking. You will get to know about your weaknesses and strengths with regular test.

No doubts, better performance 

During coaching, you can ask the experts about anything that you may have doubts about. In this way, you can be sure that you have no doubts and proper clarity about everything. You can be confident about your prep and overall performance on the day of the test. After all,  no doubts means better performance.


To sum up, since you know about the overall test, the eligibility and more; you should try it now. After all, your dream is yours and you cannot simply leave it. you can take up the best imu cet coaching and ensure that you prepare productively.

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