What is Frontier Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

According to Frontier’s flight cancellation policy, passengers are entitled to a full refund under the following circumstances.

  • Purchase your tickets seven days before your departure date.
  • Make sure to cancel the international flight within 24 hours of booking it.
  • The flight is cancelled, and you decline to take the alternative flight.
  • Purchase a refundable ticket that allows you to cancel.
  • Cancel your award ticket for a Frontier flight 8 days before your scheduled departure.
  • You have at least 60 days to cancel your international flight.
  • You can also cancel your flight if someone in your immediate family dies or becomes seriously ill.

Frontier Airline 24 hours Cancellation Policy

According to Frontier Airlines’ 24-hour cancellation policy, any passenger can cancel any type of ticket booked with them for free. They will receive a full refund if they cancel within the risk-free Cancellation period. If you cancel your tickets within 7 days of departure or after the completion of the 24-hour period, the frontier airline will charge a Cancellation fee to cancel the frontier flight.

Frontier Airlines Cancellation Fee 

  • If you cancel your frontier flight within 24 hours, there is no fee.
  • There is no cancellation fee for Frontier Airlines cancellations made 60 days prior to departure.
  • Cancellations between 59 and 7 days incur a $39 fee per passenger.
  • Cancellation of a flight before 6 days of departure or on the same day is charged $59
  • You can keep a travel credit for 90 days; the amount of the travel credit is calculated by subtracting the Cancellation fee from the original ticket price.
  • These travel credits are not redeemable for cash.

Frontier Flight Refund Policy

  • The ticket price will not be refunded to the passenger after the flight has taken off.
  • Passengers who have booked work tickets will receive a full refund even if they cancel only a day in advance.
  • Passengers who book with credit cards receive a full refund.
  • All refunds are credited to a passenger’s account within one week of being processed.
  • If tickets are cancelled within 60 days of departure, passengers will receive a full refund. This also applies to non-refundable tickets.
  • Passengers must pay 119 USD in order to receive a refund from the frontier airlines.
  • Passengers must wait 20 to 30 days for a full refund.
  • If you do not board the flight, you will be charged 90% of the fee.

How do I know if I am eligible for a Frontier Refund

If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of booking it or 60 days before the date of travel, you will receive a full refund. You are also eligible for a refund if you cancel your flight due to illness or death in the family. You can get help processing your refund from the airline’s reservations department.

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How to Get a Frontier Airlines Refund

  • Navigate to the official website and select my trips from the home screen.
  • To retrieve your booking, you must fill out the form.
  • Enter the last name and confirmation code of the passenger.
  • Choose the flight you want to cancel.
  • You must cancel the flight by uploading all required documents.
  • After paying the Cancellation Fee, complete the Request for Refund form.
  • Frontier Airlines will send you a confirmation stating that your refund request has been accepted.
  • Frontier Airlines’ official website allows you to check the status of your refund.

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