What is Amazon prime?

What is Amazon prime?

Amazon Prime is a membership that claims to give customers a better shopping experience. For a monthly fee, you get certain advantages compared to shopping in the usual way, such as free delivery.

Amazon Prime Video works much like Netflix, it is a streaming site where you get access to thousands of movies and TV series.

Both of these services are already available to Swedish customers.

What is the criticism against Amazon in Sweden?

The launch of Amazon has led to criticism from several quarters – both from politicians, environmental activists and small businesses. Here are some of the criticized points:

1. The launch does not lead to many jobs. Amazon and other tech giants’ establishments in Sweden would lead to tens of thousands of jobs. But Aftonbladet has been able to show in several articles how the  hopes for jobs have not been fulfilled.

In one of the few reviews of the effects of server halls, experts state that the establishments provide hardly any jobs in the communities where they are built. On average, there are 30-50 permanent positions on each hall, in rare cases up to 200.

2. Costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of kroner. When American experts that Aftonbladet spoke to hear about Sweden’s hopes for the server hall industry, they burst out laughing.

– The reason why companies establish themselves in a place is to get tax breaks and financial contributions, says Kasia Tarczynska, who wrote the report “Money lost to the cloud”.

3. Companies will be forced into bankruptcy. Amazon can, among other things, with its large-scale purchases put considerable pressure on prices. This can lead to many smaller companies that cannot compete with the prices being forced into bankruptcy.

– Only big and attractive brands can stand up to giants like this, says Professor Johan Anselmsson at Lund University.

4. People are forced from their homes. Aftonbladet has, among other things, spoken to Jan-Åke Hjelm, 65, who was bought out of his life’s work to make room for the server hall in Eskilstuna.

– We had no other choice, he says.

Amazon’s initiatives to support customers, communities and employees during the COVID-19 emergency

An overview of Amazon’s commitment to limit the spread of the Coronavirus while supporting all those directly and indirectly affected by COVID-19.

As a worldwide company, we are closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19. In addition to those affected by the disease, many others are indirectly affected and are struggling with major changes in their lifestyles at school, at work and in the communities in which they live. Here are some of the ways Amazon is supporting customers, communities and employees in this difficult time.

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What we are doing for our employees

  • The health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We are taking all safety measures, according to the directions provided by the Government and local health authorities, so that our employees can work safely on our sites . We incurred approximately $ 4 billion in costs related to anti-COVID-19 measures in the last quarter of 2020, totaling more than $ 11.5 billion throughout the year. We will continue to prioritize employee and customer safety and comply with evolving national and local standards, implementing processes that we believe are in the best interests of our employees, customers and communities.
  • As a thank you for the incredible work done last year, Amazon recognized a special bonus to all employees in the logistics sector who worked during the month of December, on permanent and permanent contracts, and to employees of suppliers, including couriers. who make Amazon Logistics deliveries. The financial reward was € 300, for full-time employees, and a re-proportioned amount for part-time contracts. This award added to that of € 500 already paid to workers in the spring, bringing the total amount invested by the company in economic awards for its employees in 2020 to $ 2.5 billion globally.
  • In light of ongoing international developments regarding the current health emergency, we recommend that employees around the world in a job that can be done from home to continue doing so following the guidelines and updates of local health authorities.
  • We’ve suspended our public tour schedule within distribution centers, canceled major events, and turned most of our job interviews into virtual interviews instead of in-person, as applicants are often required to travel to support them.

What we are doing for our customers

  • With the spread of COVID-19, the number of people turning to eCommerce to foster social distancing has increased. To serve our customers and ensure employee safety at the same time, we have prioritized the supply and delivery of the products our customers need most. For this reason, delivery times may be longer than usual for some products.
  • We take a number of important measures to keep prices fair and protect our customers from those who wish to take advantage of the current crisis. Amazon reserves zero tolerance for unjustified price increases and have long implemented policies and rules to prevent this harmful practice

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