What features should be included with distributor E

There are so many different types of ERP or we should say Enterprise resource planning software programs which are there available in the market. The use of different types of software programs depends on the type of business which is there in question. 

 Here, for now, as per the demand of the topic, we will discuss the features which should be included with the distributor ERP.  There is not just one there are actually so many features which are and which should be there in the  Enterprise planning software of a distributor. 

So, here is the list and more details of all those distributor ERP features- 

  • Online portal dedicated to consumers-  This is the base of every distributor ERP that is there. It is through this portal only that the user is able to put more and more orders in the quickest manner possible. Special portals designed for customers are always easy and smooth with the process of placing orders. 
  • Portal dedicated to the suppliers – If you are a distributor then for you it is important to focus on the suppliers especially those who provide proper online channels for their ordering systems.
  • Point of sale tools– The considered distributor ERP should also have all the important point of sale tools. These tools would include a bar code scanner, with that it would include keeping the inventory records well updated and properly maintained. also, there are tools that help with the maintenance of the purchase history of customers. 
  • Voice pick system– In order to ensure easy, smooth and fast movement of the stock or the inventory one should rely more on online communicating technology. The distributor can communicate with the workers through a headset in this case. One will be able to do this if there will be proper warehouse management system technology available there.
  • Proper Accounting and finance module –  A successful distributor ERP  should have proper technology for the right maintenance of all sorts of accounts and ledgers.
  • E-Commerce – There are so many ERP systems that are there to provide a good launch online for the distributors. They can easily get a web storefront and through that, they can get in direct touch with the internet users directly for selling their product or service whatever is a concern.
  • Inventory organisation – Also, the ERP software program should be capable of easy organising the stocks and inventories. 
  • Easy and smooth mobile access- The advanced ERP nowadays are well compatible with all types of devices. Especially a good ERP should be well compatible with the mobile phone. 
  • Pricing for the customer – Business relations are very important for every other person who is involved in some or other business. Business relations can be maintained well only with good pricing policies. You may not believe but the advanced ERP come with such updated technologies that may be of help to you for managing a good price policy. By name the technology is known as CRM  this helps in easy decision making regarding discounted prices and other attractive deals for those customers who are providing you with regular bigger orders. 


So, yes here are the features that one should look for in a distributor ERP  software program. In order to maintain your success streak in the business, it is very important for you to walk with the updated and technologically advanced trends. One has to admit that ERP  software programs are now an integral part of every business in some way or the other. So, yes the best distributor software program for you would be the one with all these features as they have been discussed here.


ERP Consulting these days is very much in trend and also it has become a very important aspect for most of the businesses. So, if you are new in this world then it is advisable for you to research ERP consulting and also you should use it for the proper growth of your business If you still need to know more then you should visit us online on our website. quickbooks software

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