What Are The Advantages Of Home Physical Therapy?

Home visit physiotherapy, also known as domiciliary care, is ideal for those who require Kanata Physiotherapy but are unable to travel to appointments. We at Orleans provide home visit physiotherapy, which can be especially beneficial if you are having difficulty with daily activities like walking, climbing stairs, or getting into and out of bed. 

Whether you have balance issues, have had falls, or have had a recent operation, we can help you improve your strength, balance, mobility, and confidence around the house and outdoors. Our goal is to get you back to doing the things you enjoy and to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

What All It Includes

A telephone triage call is scheduled with the physiotherapist, who will gather some information about your issue. along with some private information like your birthdate, address, and phone number. The first meeting can then be scheduled. 

The initial session lasts an hour and includes a 15-minute phone consultation. All subsequent appointments are then 45 minutes long. Every home visit for physical therapy is organized around objectives that you and your therapist have decided upon. with the ultimate goal of raising your standard of living.

We will ensure that you receive a tailored rehabilitation program after a thorough assessment in your home. With tailored advice and a clear plan for the future. Hands-on treatments can also be administered in your home if necessary. Massage and joint mobilizations are examples of treatments that can be used to aid in your recovery. Visits are planned around you.

We invite family members or spouses to attend because their advice and assistance are frequently beneficial. In rare situations, we can assist by instructing family members in maintenance or recovery procedures. 

Home Physiotherapy in Orleans can be just as successful as physical therapy in a clinic, and using everyday objects and portable equipment we can bring with us can create nearly identical surroundings.

Why Do I Require Phone Triage?

We believe that beginning our assessment with a phone triage is necessary to ensure that you are matched with the appropriate physiotherapist from our team. It also allows us to assess your individual needs and goals, as well as determine whether or not the problem is something we can help with. 

Your physio can get a sense of your needs and establish your expectations over the phone. We can also determine logistics such as location, travel times, appointment availability, and whether any special equipment is required to be brought to the appointment.

Benefits Of Physiotherapy At Home

For people who would find it difficult to travel to an outpatient clinic for any reason, home physiotherapy is especially helpful. This all comprises of – 

  • Post-operative rehabilitation 
  • Musculoskeletal complaints, such as back, neck, or knee pain
  • Reduced mobility, function, or balance 
  • Difficulties getting around the house or outside, such as getting into or out of bed, the bath, or the car
  • Fear of leaving the house
  • Patients are at risk
  • Have a fear of falling

For instance, generalized or total body deconditioning (weakness) following sickness or injury.

Why Is It More Expensive Than Standard In-Clinic Physiotherapy?

Because of the additional costs involved, such as the time and cost of traveling to an individual’s home and transporting equipment, physio at home is more expensive than in-clinic physio. 

It also falls under ‘lone-working’ for the physio, which entails additional legal and safety concerns. We are confident that the benefits of home physiotherapy far outweigh the costs.

To Summarise

So, now that you understand the advantages of home physiotherapy, if you or a loved one would benefit from physiotherapy but are unable to travel to a clinic, this service allows the excellent care that Kanata is known for to come to you.

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