We Create a Retail Delivery Management System in Pakistan

A retail delivery system is software that helps consumers shop online and track the progress of their orders. Consumers can load their cart with items and review them on the web before placing their order. The system can then send the order to the delivery guy. Consumers can track the order’s progress and receive notifications of their delivery status.


If you’re a small retail delivery system in Pakistan, you’ve probably wondered how you can use software to manage your supply chain. Luckily, there’s an app that can help. Dastgyr is a B2B marketplace that connects retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers with one another. This app can help you deliver your products faster, easier, and with more accuracy.

We create a retail delivery management system in partnership with Next-Gen Retailers in Pakistan by offering a self-service system that helps retailers manage orders from online order placement to delivery. This service is sold on a usage-based pricing model and is highly customizable and easy to deploy. It includes real-time tracking, buyer scheduling, and order review. Founded by former UPS Pakistan executives, the company has doubled its customer base in two years and delivered more than three million parcels.

Rider’s technology stack includes live tracking, route optimization software, and automated warehousing. These features help them improve internal processes and build real-time connectivity with shippers. The system aims to become the one-stop shop for retailers in Pakistan. Its founder Salman Allana, a former UPS Pakistan executive, claims that his system now serves 60 percent of the e-commerce market in the country.

We create a retail delivery management system in partnership with a local software developer to make omnichannel retailing easy and seamless. It helps retailers grow their customer base and improve their profits. The system also helps retailers track staff productivity and provides analytics on high-demand products. Retailers in Pakistan must have a strong omnichannel retail operating system in place to stay competitive.


XStak is a self-service retail delivery management system platform that enables Next-Gen Retailers to increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs. The platform is easy to customize and deploy and offers features like real-time tracking and buyer scheduling. Founded by former UPS Pakistan executives, the company has already doubled its customer base and delivered more than three million parcels.

The company operates 16 hubs throughout Pakistan. Merchants send their products to one of the hubs and the delivery agents pick up the items. The products are scanned to determine their hub, and if they fit into one of the delivery slots, they are automatically assigned to a bag. Once in a bag, the delivery agent collects them.

The system is a powerful Omni channel for the e-commerce market in Pakistan. It eliminates duplicate order dispatch and provides pick, pack, and ship functionality. It also ensures that all orders are scanned at every stage of the delivery process. The system also has features to increase customer satisfaction and retention.

The XStak platform enables Next-Gen Retailers to automate and optimize their operations. It includes an integrated order management system, omnichannel commerce, payments, marketing, and business intelligence (BI). The XStak Omnichannel Engine streamlines the entire operation of physical and online retailers.


With 16 delivery hubs across the country, Rider’s delivery network has reached more than 60% of the country’s population. The company’s technology stack includes automated warehousing, live tracking, and route optimization software. These have helped the company improve internal processes and develop real-time connectivity with shippers. The company aims to provide one-stop-shop services to online retailers in Pakistan.

The startup’s model is a hybrid one: the majority of delivery agents are directly employed by the company, while the remaining 20% are gig economy workers who provide flexibility and scale-up potential. These workers are given automated routes that are optimized for speed and efficiency. The aim is to provide the same high-quality customer service that Amazon offers, but at a lower cost. The company claims that it is delivering products on time at an average of 15% faster than the incumbent logistics companies in Pakistan.

The system was designed with riders, customers, and stores in mind. Once a rider accepts an order, he or she shortlists stores that will be able to fulfill the customer’s order. Once this is done, the rider is ready to deliver the customer’s order.


Dastgyr is an innovative B2B e-commerce platform in Pakistan that connects small retailers with suppliers and manufacturers. Through its mobile app, small retailers can easily procure inventory from manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers at competitive rates. Users can also create custom baskets, confirm delivery dates, and track orders.

Dastgyr has a vision of reaching fifteen new markets in Pakistan by the end of 2022 and hopes to reach international markets by that time. The company has been able to onboard 35,000 retailers in the past 10 months and has executed more than 250,000 orders. It also aims to impact the country’s economy by empowering smaller retail businesses. Dastgyr’s customers are mom-and-pop shops operating with only $3,000 in working capital. It also offers a flexible order window to cater to the needs of these small retailers.

Dastgyr aims to reduce logistics and sales costs for retailers and manufacturers. The marketplace model also helps Dastgyr negotiate better rates with suppliers. In just ten months, Dastgyr has onboarded 35,000 retail shops, out of 170,000 retail locations in Karachi/Lahore. As the company continues to grow, it plans to shift its business model into a hybrid inventory and marketplace model with a focus on fast-turnover high-margin SKUs.

Dastgyr is currently serving only kiryana stores in Pakistan but plans to expand into other categories. It competes with Zaraaye for the services of kiryana retailers. As of October 2015, Dastgyr had onboarded over 20,000 retailers in Pakistan, up from three thousand just a few months before.

Dastgyr is a B2B e-commerce platform in Pakistan. It has raised over $4 million in seed funding, led by SOSV. It has also received support from angels and VCs. The company’s biggest investor is Veon Ventures, which has invested $15 million in the company.


XStak is an innovative self-service retail delivery system for Next-Gen Retailers. It is sold on a subscription model and is flexible and easy to deploy. It offers features such as real-time tracking and buyer scheduling. The startup was founded by former UPS Pakistan executives, and has doubled its customer base and delivered three million parcels.

To create a more efficient supply chain, we need to connect more retailers. For example, in Pakistan, there are 2 million underserved retailers. Rather than relying on outdated infrastructure to fulfill orders, we need to make ordering, tracking, and distribution easier than ever before. Dastgyr aims to solve this problem by facilitating a centralized marketplace that connects sellers and retailers.

Rider’s technology stack includes real-time tracking, automated warehousing, and route optimization software. Together, these technologies have helped the company build real-time connectivity with shippers and improve internal processes. Its vision is to be the one-stop shop for retailers in Pakistan. Founded by former UPS Pakistan executive Salman Allana, the company currently runs 16 delivery hubs in 60 cities across Pakistan. It says its staff numbers are approaching 700.

The biggest challenge for the retail delivery app sector in Pakistan is the poor e-commerce experience. While Pakistan has a high percentage of smartphone users and a growing smartphone market, e-commerce adoption has been limited in Pakistan due to poor e-commerce experiences. With our solution, retailers can improve customer loyalty, reach more customers in less time, and deliver the same product to every part of the country.

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