Utillian 722 Review All In One Vaporizer, Great For Every Connoisseur

This device has a straw-like mouthpiece, which makes it great for full-bodied tokes. The Utillian 620 dry herb vaporizer features the new age convection helix heating technology. It is paired with a precise temperature controller and cannabisreports.org a.. The vaporizer is made of stainless steel and has the convection heating technology. You should not pack the vaporizer tightly as hot air needs to flow through it to vaporize the material. The Utillian722 has small air vents on the bottom that contribute to a smooth, low resistance draw while you inhale.

I was so stunned by the long battery time, I almost forgot to pay attention to vapour quality. Superb would be a great description of 722. I am impressed with the kick that the Utillian722 has, having come from a Flowermate S5.0S which I liked. Intelligent design, ease of use, excellent results I have tried seven different types and this one is the best.

The exterior is beautiful and black looks so cool. All parts are made of plastic so there is no need to take extra care. This is my first vape cigarette and it is fantastic. Although it seemed difficult at first, the draw becomes easier after a few more days.

The overall impression of the 722 is quite pleasing. It feels very solid and has a nice, heavy weight. The top portion of the vaporizer is secured with a magnet making it easy to access the oven without having to worry about it jostling around in your pocket or bag and coming loose. A depression is located around the oven chamber, making it easy to load herbs. This simple feature makes life easier for users. What I’ve learned from my experience with vaporizers, is that they don’t always produce thickest smoke. They literally vaporize your wax or flower, giving a lighter hit and less smoke.

This is the first vaporizer I have purchased, and it is as beautiful as heaven. There are no complaints, so I want to use it more often. If this model fails, I’d definitely buy a newer one.

It never fails. I use the device for 20-30 minutes each day. I am never without a charge as it has good battery life. It’s easy to use, and the results are so consistent for so much time. It is also very convenient and easy to clean. It is a great upgrade from my Utillian 721. It has a new body design that I like. The best part is that it has an easier to use mouthpiece than the Utillian721.

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