Utillian 720, Thoughts?

I cleaned it after using it for two weeks on a daily basis and realized it could still go for another week without cleaning the mouthpiece.Vapor quality/flavor or cannabisreports.org temperature are perfect. This was my first herbal vape, so I don’t really know much about these products. This product is easy to use, and it is easy to clean. I have been using it for two months and I find my life much easier since I purchased this vaporizer. You can then use the Zeus Bolt 2 to crush the herbs and place them inside the chamber.

I expected better airflow, but the difference is not noticeable compared to my 721 after cleaning. Back ordered, took more than a month to receive. Excellent packaging, looks and feels just like an iPhone. Smooth draw and works much better than I expected. It’s a great unit that is easy to use and can be maintained without any problems for 12 months. I also have Utillian721 zero issues. I rotate among the 2…

However, that doesn’t mean they don’t hit the mark. Vaporizers work in the opposite way, especially with Utillian 722. Although it may seem like you only get a few hits, the quality of hits feels better after a few hits. No matter what I pack, the high I get from this vaporizer is always there. Furthermore, to turn it on simply press the button 5 times.

Here, you can load cannabis into the Storz & Bickel Mighty’s chamber. Pax, like other vaporizer app, is no more available for iOS. To control the Pax 3 with an iPhone, you need To use the web app.

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