Trish Encina and Ten Aura: a match made in matchmaker heaven…or a scam unfolding in front of our very eyes?

There’s no arguing that the last few years have been challenging ones for the majority of Americans. From a looming and pervasive pandemic, to isolation and social and economic pressures, we’re all feeling the weight of worldly stresses on our shoulders.

Yet one glimmer of hope in an otherwise despairing outlook is the chance at finding love, or at least a caring partner with whom to weather the storm and support each other in times of need.

Back in 2020, isolation took its toll on a lot of us, with the American Psychological Association noting startling increases in anxiety, depression, loneliness, and other forms of psychological stress.

This lead many individuals to seek out the help of a professional matchmaker. Someone who specialized in helping connect people with their dream partner.

After all, with isolation in full swing, and with several socio-economic challenges on the horizon, who wouldn’t appreciate a little help in the romance department?

Enter Trish Encina of Ten Aura.

Trish Encina of Ten Aura: a quick overview

Ten Aura states that it’s on a ‘mission’ to help people become the perfect ‘TEN’ that they seek out in their dream partner. The site claims its team works with clients to discover, nurture, and transform into the best version of themselves…a version that will both charm and attract the perfect partner.

RED FLAGS Everywhere…

The website is pretty bare-bones, with a simple logo and a form to fill out in order to connect with their team. Admittedly, perhaps a first warning sign was that no legitimate business would have what amounted to ZERO information on their site.

No ‘about us’, no privacy policy, no terms of service, no GDPR consent form, no links to social media profiles, no reviews, nadda.

It’s worth noting that several of these are REQUIRED by law.

Not only that, for a ‘successful’ matchmaker who charges THOUSANDS to connect people with their perfect partner, you’d think they would actually pony up $15 a month for a proper contact form instead of using the FREE version with JotForm branding.

But hey, we’re all for giving someone a chance…

Turns out, we met a few ladies who did just that, and got burned.

False Promises and Broken Hopes

With our spidey sense on full alert, we decided to do some digging. We met with three women who had contracted Trish Encina for her matchmaking services.

During COVID in 2020, the dating scene was brutal. Moreso than its usual mess. Feeling the toll of isolation, these women thought it a good time to elicit some professional help from someone who (allegedly) specialized in connecting singles with their ideal partner.

Given the bubbly personality of Trish, the women felt at ease parting with their hard-earned money. Each woman interviewed had spent $5,000 on these services.

Trish had made several promises regarding the types of matches she would find

The proprietary process she uses to filter out the ‘duds’, and the help, guidance, coaching, and advice these women would receive on becoming their best selves for their future Prince Charming.

Charming is a good word for the initial experience as it were. But after that, once money was in hand, Trish Encina hosted faster than Casper and did a Houdini. In other words, she was nowhere to be found.

Phone calls, emails, social media messages etc. were met with crickets according to our sources. Not just that, each of the three women contend that they received NOTHING in return for their money. No prospective partners, no dates, no help.

Trish Encina: A Jack of Many Trades

Turns out, Miss Encina isn’t really a professional matchmaker. At least not solely. Further research by our investigative team uncovered that she runs or is part of several companies including being the co-founder of Modelo Health Personal Models of Care.

Now, there’s nothing inherently wrong with running several companies, but it does lead one to wonder. Digging deeper we found that Miss Encina USED to own and run another matchmaking company called “Three Day Rule, Inc.”. While we don’t know the full backstory here. The company seems to have only survived a short 1-year window from 2015-2016.

An Industry Where Consumers Must Take Caution

Unfortunately, the matchmaking and dating scene is one ripe for fraud and thieves who are all too eager to take advantage of those in an emotional time of need.

Most of us yearn for meeting the ‘partner of our dreams, and far too often matchmaking companies promise the world while delivering crumbs at best.

While the full story behind Trish Encina and Ten Aura remains to be seen, the experiences of the three women interviewed in this piece paints an unfavorable picture of how they do business.

Trish Encina and Ten Aura: a match made in matchmaker heaven

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