There are no restrictions to fixation, and I’m captivated by fly fishing for fish. If you’re like me, the potential chance to project a line in a strange waterway isn’t simply a challenge yet additionally an opportunity to experience fish species you may not conventionally target.

A durable and functioning travel fly rod is expected for this reason. Here, I’ll inspect different travel fly rods so you might purchase with certainty and be ready to fish suddenly.


These are our proposals for the best travel fly rods for use on the water and during travel.

1. Orvis Clearwater 6 Piece, 5 Wt

The Orvis Clearwater model has won over fly fishing enthusiasts from the East Coast toward the West Coast as a budget-accommodating and powerful travel fly rod.

The Orvis brand is frequently suggestive of value, and the Clearwater six-piece satisfies its standing. With a sticker price of $229 and a 25-year guarantee, you get a significant measure of significant worth.

Various anglers who tried the Orvis Clearwater commented that notwithstanding being a six-piece travel rod, it before long tracked down its direction into everyday usage because of its capacity to pack lightly and perform well.


  • 9-foot-long, six-piece
  • Chromium Snake Guides
  • Adaptable
  • Gray Rod Cylinder Is Integrated
  • 25-Year Orvis Guarantee

The 5 wt is the standard for fishing for a few animal varieties, yet it likewise arrives in a 4 wt for streams and blue-lining and an 8 wt for bass and pike. The provided rod tube is essentially as powerful as the actual rod, making it an extremely valuable expansion.

The Orvis Clearwater is a balanced, trustworthy fly rod at the cost, whether you’re packing it in your knapsack for a climb or keeping it in your pickup for lake hopping coming back from work.

It is hard to get fly fishers to agree on certain things, however, the Orvis Clearwater is the benchmark for travel fly rods and is strongly suggested.

2. Echo Excursion 8 Travel Fly Rod

The Excursion increases current standards for travel fly rods. This eight-piece rod fits inside an 18-inch compartment. There is no great explanation not to travel with this little rod.

The case is lightweight to the point that Echo prompts bringing it with you at whatever point you go fishing. As somebody who has had the dread of a wrecked rod tip after a two-mile journey, I view this as a strong selling highlight.

Because of Echo’s headways in ferrule technology, this eight-piece arrangement plays much the same way as numerous four-piece gatherings.


  • 9′ Length Eight-Piece
  • 18″ Segments
  • Non-Grating Snake Guides
  • Modestly Fast Activity
  • Improvements to Ferrule Technology
  • Echo Long-lasting Guarantee

The Medium-Quick activity empowers the client to project dry flies and decorations easily, which I see as especially helpful in a travel rod designed for fishing in various conditions. The alluring dull green completion supplements the chrome-plated snake guides pleasantly.

Although Echo has a generous lifetime return guarantee, the longevity of its travel rods might keep you from truly having to utilize it. It is somewhat more exorbitant than the Clearwater, at $279, and it packs more modest.

Individuals who utilize the Outing broadly report that although they previously obtained it as a reinforcement rod, its straightforwardness of purpose and flexibility regularly make it the essential rod on fishing journeys where different rods are brought along.

It has gotten a few positive surveys and ought to be considered while selecting a travel fly rod.

3. Douglas Upstream Ultralight Fly Rod

Douglas has bridged the gap between graphite and customary bamboo with this assortment of rods. Rods utilized upstream are tremendously light.

I have never projected a fly rod this light previously, so I can hardly comprehend the responsiveness and delicacy they bring.

I’m a huge admirer of creek trout fishing in little streams, and the Upstream series was designed explicitly for these circumstances. Little flies should be put exactly while fishing in mountain streams, and the Upstream sparkles at this.


  • 2-4 wt Models
  • Particularly Light (1.13-1.75 oz)
  • 6’6″ Two-Part of 8’0″ Six-Piece Models
  • Graphite Design Resembling Regular Stick
  • Aluminum Rod Cylinder and Sock, Brushed
  • Douglas has mixed every one of the positive parts of graphite with the decently sluggish activity of a customary bamboo fly rod.

These rods are not designed for large waterways! Regarding their consideration as travel fly rods, notwithstanding, I can’t imagine a better rod to follow me up a mountain or to a mystery spring brook.

A few Upstream variants dismantle into six sections for travel, and all models, from 2 to 4 wt, are featherweight and packable (in a customary brushed aluminum rod tube).

The Upstream series might be more costly than the rods examined before, yet this addresses the product’s originality.

In this present reality where bamboo is becoming increasingly attractive (and Costly), these rods stand apart as the cutting-edge angler’s solution to attaining that customary feel and development.

Best Worth Fly Rod for Travel

Need something reasonable for your upcoming excursion? Consider this choice. This rod is minimized and gives incredible fishing execution at a significantly lower cost.

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4. Most extreme Catch 8 Piece Travel Fly Rod

MaxCatch is a firm that I’m sure many budget-conscious anglers know about.

Their eight-piece travel rod is an astounding choice for a generally useful rod, and their goods are designed to endure rigorous usage and damage.

These rods have speedy activity, allowing the 5-weight to project chunkier decorations and pointer rigs. It is promptly movable in a knapsack and accompanies a Cordura tube for storage while traveling.


  • 9-foot, eight-piece structure
  • Quick Response
  • 17-inch Cordura Cylinder is Incorporated
  • Guide for Fired Stripping
  • Stopper Handle
  • Sensible Expense

A few commentators noticed that the MaxCatch was a touch solid, however at this pricing range, this is not a big issue. I would suggest the MaxCatch as your most memorable travel rod or as a reinforcement accomplice to the rod you presently own on the off chance that you’re looking for something trustworthy, economical, and lightweight.

The Best Folding Fly Rod

Spinning and Tenkara fishing use telescoping rods all the more much of the time. In any case, we found a brilliant adjustable fly rod that incorporates a fly reel and line!

5. REYR Telescoping Fly Rod

REYR has achieved something phenomenal with its adaptive fly rod. When I began to fly fishing, I found that it was so challenging to fish a stream that was overgrown with trees and hedges.

It was an aggravation to move a fishing rod and line into profound trout openings and afterward trip to the following waterway.

I was encouraged by additional carefully prepared fishers to stay away from adaptive rods since they are regularly economical and designed to catch the angler as opposed to the fish. REYR has restored the telescoping rod in this example.


  • Fallen 19″, Expanded 9′, 4 lb
  • Modestly Quick Activity
  • Simple Gathering, No Bunches
  • Aluminum CNC Reel Included
  • Line Inner Element
  • Neoprene Case

This rod folds to 19″ for travel, which is serviceable, however, it’s inside directed line makes it momentous. Inside, the line climbs through the rod and ways out the tip.

This not just permits you to leave a fly associated and prepared for use yet, in addition, permits you to stretch out the rod to the ideal length and begin casting. Moreover, there is a less uncovered line that might become entangled in branches and briers.

Because of the erosion of this inside steered line include, including the rod penances distance, you don’t have to project far on little water.

REYR has invested significant energy and exertion rethinking what a telescoping rod can do. I observe most telescoping rods to be rigid and fragile. Particularly if you’re hiking or backpacking close to high streams, it’s a commendable consideration.

6. Best Fly Fishing Travel Bags

While traveling, it very well may be challenging to keep up with your fishing gear quite organized. These two travel bags are great for people who are going via air or via vehicle.

Allen Organization Fly Fishing Rod And Hardware Transport Case

Allen Organization has designed a solid and durable travel bag for individuals who need to invest energy in fishing.

This bag contains astonishing four-piece rods, allowing you to cover each favored way of fly fishing (from minimal dry flies to larger decorations) with what you can convey.

The bag has a position of safety and packs down small contrasted with its carrying limit.


  • Fits up to four 9.5′ Four-Piece Rods
  • Eight Outside Factor Allotments
  • 31.5″ Long, 9.5″ High
  • Shock-Absorbing Cushioned Construction

The external dividers and zippered compartments might oblige a combination of reels and fly boxes. This rucksack is exceptional with organizing features.

The case is padded and appropriate for long-distance travel. A couple of delighted clients detailed that the bag’s little shape permitted them to keep it not far off throughout flights and trains.

7. Fishpond Teton Rolling Lightweight Suitcase

Fishpond has designed the ideal travel ally for regular flyers and fly anglers.

Their Teton Rolling Lightweight suitcase is luggage for your fly fishing gear that can fit all you’ll require for a long-term visit to an area with water.

This bag was created for use on planes and meets the size particulars of most transporters. The Teton would work similarly well in a confined vehicle.

It is protected and tough and can contain the necessary fishing gear for expanded travel.


  • Rolling Lightweight Bag with Handle
  • Base Pressure Formed
  • Network ventilation on inside pockets
  • Various outside compartments
  • Fishpond’s devotion to quality and usefulness makes this bag fundamental for hauling premium rods, reels, and adornments.

How Is A Travel Fly Rod Made?

For transportability, a travel fly rod is frequently a multi-padded rod that is more minimized and lighter than a two-or four-piece rod.

Whether it’s saved in a vehicle for use on the drive to work or pressed in a knapsack for fishing in a spring brook, the qualities of a travel fly rod are regularly something similar: lightweight construction with universally handy line weight and length, the capacity to pack down to a manageable size, and the solidness expected to endure the risks of transportation.

How might it be used?

A few considerations for a travel fly rod are straightforwardly attached to its planned use and your idea of “travel.” A significant number of us won’t bring our fishing rods on a carrier, however, some may.

You may simply require a travel rod for bank fishing or when you don’t approach waders or a boat.

Strength is fundamental, and keeping in mind that I value anglers who can utilize a 2 or 3-wt rod in overgrown and complex spots, I frequently pick a larger line weight to oppose the unavoidable snags, hedges, and hindrances that go with pioneering and troublesome conditions.

Using your travel rod as a reinforcement for your costly essential rod is another other option. It just takes one lamentable event to leave you in the water with a messed-up tip or broken eyelet, and having an extra rod with you can salvage a generally deplorable day. Decide on the planned utilization of your travel rod and buy accordingly.

Retrieving It

Some time ago a travel rod with multiple ferrules needed responsiveness, toughness, and execution, however, with every one of the new improvements in graphite and ferrule technology, I’d say those days are generally past. As recently expressed, a portion of these travel rods perform so well and pack so minimal that they advance into an angler’s run-of-the-mill revolution of rods.

An interest in a travel rod is beneficial, regardless of whether it stays in the front seat. Not having to make numerous presentation penances is an advantage, and the potential chance to look for an hour immediately is significant. Consider one of the previously mentioned ways of maintaining your readiness and the fish’s fly schooling.

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