Training Needs Assessment – A Quick Overview

Training needs assessment is a process that describes the training needs of your organization and then assesses the effectiveness of your current training program.

The purpose of training needs assessment is to discover what training your employees need to perform their job effectively and how much time and money it will take to provide that training. It’s also important because it helps you to determine whether or not your current training strategy is effective.

The process of Training Needs Assessment can be broken down into three main steps:

Define your objective — The first step in conducting a training needs assessment is to define the problem you hope to solve with the process. What do you want to achieve with this project? Why are you performing this project? What factors need to be considered?

Identify stakeholders — Next, identify who will be affected by any change in how you do business — both internally and externally — as well as who has input on this decision-making process. Who are the decision-makers in your organization? Who are their supervisors? Who else should be involved in this discussion? What level of involvement should they have?

Develop strategies — Once you’ve identified stakeholders, develop strategies for addressing each stakeholder’s concerns.

In order to conduct an effective training needs assessment, you must first understand what your organization’s goals are. These goals will influence the type of information you need and how it should be collected. For example, if your goal is to reduce turnover rates, then an effective training needs assessment would include information on how many employees have left their jobs in the past year, what caused them to leave and what they were doing before leaving their jobs.

You may also want to consider conducting several types of assessments during your training needs assessment process:

Job analysis – This helps identify tasks that someone might perform on the job;

Job specification – This identifies what skills workers need in order to perform their duties;

Job evaluation – This determines whether current employees are performing effectively (or not) at their jobs.

In short, it is the heart of any training program. It identifies the skills and knowledge that your employees need to be successful, and it also outlines how you can help them develop those skills.

Training needs assessments are typically performed by a human resources professional or by an outside consultant. The assessment aims to determine whether your organization has the right training programs in place and if those programs align with your employees’ needs.

If you’re not already conducting training needs assessments, it’s important to do so now — before you invest time or money in implementing new programs.

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