Toyota’s all-new Lite Ace isn’t an MPV yet

The main focus is on cargo vehicles, but the venerable Lite Ace carrier may still be less than 

Image in the public mind, while waiting for the arrival of the new Toyota Lite Ace Panel Van is a raised bet It comes from that much loved, chiseled rectangular block of metal with lots of large windows and seating for seven (or eight if the center front seats fold up) and a diminutive 1500cc engine. No one has ever complained about how slow the old Lite Ace was because it was fun to get in and when the rear doors opened and the sliding doors opened, making for a great “tambayan” for family and friends. 

Toyota Motor Philippines, Inc. (TMP) has launched the all-new Lite Ace in the middle of  Farmer`s Plaza in Cubao, a popular spot that experts say is perfect for this vehicle. Farmer’s Plaza is a workers’ mall right next to the Farmers Market and in the business district of Quezon City. The launch setup was even done to mimic the narrow streets and aisles of Divisoria and the port area where most of the commerce in the National Capital Region takes place. This unique launch site is the perfect place to showcase the new Lite Ace commercial applications. 

Instead of getting a truck with that ubiquitous sliding door and extended roof, curious Lite Ace fans and viewers just saw the dropside pickup and a truck. This is not discouraging as Toyota has positioned this all-new Lite Ace as a business partner – “Kasosyo mo sa asenso”. 

With the introduction of the all-new Lite Ace, we are responding to longstanding customer demand for Toyota to introduce a light commercial vehicle, TMP President Atsuhiro Okamoto told onlookers at the launch event. eye. We believe this is a game changer that will not only elevate the auto industry but more importantly improve the way local businesses move people and goods. 

The windowless van version offers hope that a complete passenger car is on the way.  TMP insiders have also confirmed that a cargo van and an aluminum van, possibly with a factory-made or third-party rear cargo bay, are on the way. They are expected to be introduced in September 2022.

Don’t worry, though, a passenger van is available in other markets, and once a left-drive version arrives, that means that version will eventually find its way home. It seems Toyota’s strategy is to follow the post-pandemic recovery, in which companies that are recovering from economic damage turn to smaller carriers and carriers. In addition, the cost of the diesel engine, once one of the most important determinants of the sale of a commercial vehicle, is now on par with, or even above, the price of gasoline. This phenomenon can cause a switch to a small displacement gasoline engine. 

Toyota says both versions are designed for high-performance yet economical heavy-duty transport. To achieve this, the 1.5L petrol engine is slightly altered to deliver 97hp and 134Nm of torque and is mated to the only available transmission, a five-speed manual. This 2NR-VE 4-cylinder engine with Dual VVT-i is also shared with the current-generation Avanza minivan and  Veloz small SUV. The car was co-developed with Daihatsu and marketed as the Gran Max in other ASEAN markets.  

This new Lite Ace comes with practical features like electric power steering and air conditioning. Standard safety equipment is offered, including SRS airbags, an anti-lock braking system and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) for the van. 

TMP says the Panel Tray is ideal for businesses like e-commerce package shipping, while the Dropside Pickup can be used for agricultural and industrial needs. The upcoming aluminum van is ideal for transporting dry goods while a utility van is suitable for transporting workers to the job site. 

The all-new Lite Ace pickup has a retail price of P570K while the dashboard van is at P655K. The only color available is white. Vehicles receive free scheduled maintenance for 1 year or 20,000 km, whichever comes first. 

Through Toyota Financial Services Philippines (TFSPH), the all-new Lite Ace is available under a single financing scheme that allows weekly payments as low as P2,903.50 per week for the pickup variant. Toyota says this makes investing in the Lite Ace utility vehicle easier and more accessible for those looking to start or expand their own local business.

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