Top western wear clothing stores in Pakistan

Fashion keeps evolving over every season, other than the traditional and eastern outfits, the majority of youth in Pakistan prefers to wear western wear. Due to its great influence, the demand is also quite high for western clothing. Whether you’re headed out to your university, workplace, or casual hangouts, this is what we see everyone wearing around us nowadays. With the increase in western clothing, the western wear stores near me have also started focusing on providing trendy, comfy and chic outfits. 

So let’s take a look at the top western wear clothing stores in Pakistan that offer the most stylish, decent yet trendy, and high quality clothing options at reasonable prices. These clothing stores open near me are reliable and highly trustworthy in offering the best. 


Outfitters is one of the popular clothing brands in Pakistan when it comes to western clothing for men and women. The theme of the brand is to provide youngsters and teenagers with cool and edgy everyday outfits at reasonable prices.  Every year this brand’s stores for western wear near me come up with a new theme inspired by the current trends of the fashion world. You can easily create a fashionable look from head to toe as Outfitters almost all clothing outlets near me offer a wide product range. They have a wide array of footwear, perfumes, accessories, bags, wallets, etc. 

Negative Apparel

When it comes to online shopping websites, Negative Apparel comes to our minds instantly. This online store offers the trendiest western wear for women, including formal and casual dresses, loungewear, footwear, accessories, bags and a lot more. If you’re looking out for stylish dresses or chic pants in fashion stores near me, then Negative Apparel is the answer to all your questions. Negative Apparel is climbing the ladder of success as it offers the latest outfits in high-street fashion, casual wear, party wear dresses and many other exciting apparel options for women. Shopping from their site is like shopping from branded women’s clothing stores near me. This clothing house imports all its articles from Dubai, be it lingerie, casual tops, jeans, hoodies, blazers, co-ord sets, or formal dresses. 


Another renowned brand for western apparel near me is ONE. It is a brand popular for its cutting edge style. Latest designs and unbeatable quality and prices. The store offers a lot under one roof; from casual clothing options for men and women both, to footwear, attractive accessories, and gym wear. What makes this clothing brand stand out from the rest is that various compositions and colour schemes used by the designers to produce cool outfits. Be it impromptu get together with close friends or a quick bite with your mate, ONE has got your covered with its easy to style apparel.


Mantra is a name synonym for classy fashion for women in Pakistan. This clothing brand has a vast collection of western style dresses, casual and formal tops and pants, skirts, accessories, footwear, jewellery and much more. The brand has selective stores for party dresses near me, so you can imagine the high number of customers in the store at all times due to this. However, this clothing brand even with many other places to buy dresses near me is a one-stop solution for the ladies. Moreover, at Mantra you’d always find great quality clothing, that is comfortable and breathable to wear. 


Breakout is another popular western clothing brand famous for its cutting-edge high-street fashion in an economical price range. It’s a fashion hub known for its trendy styles and competitive prices with no compromise on quality. Breakout’s clothing outlets near me offer casual wear, formal wear, footwear, accessories, bags, scents, dresses and many other fashion needs for today’s people. Their designs are cool and colour schemes are highly attractive at the same time.


Limelight is also another famous clothing brand that has several clothing stores near me now offering women contemporary yet simplistic apparel options. You can now add some luxurious-looking western style tops and pants to your summer wardrobe on a very price-effective budget and look glamorous.  Limelight uses thin and soft fabric, mixed with fashion and style to give an elegant look to whoever wears it. You can wear their tops and shirts to the office, college, or casual get together with friends or even to parties. 


Mango is a clothing brand that has carved a niche for itself when it comes to edgy and chic clothing options for Pakistani women. You can easily find western clothes that will cater for you for any occasion. Although there aren’t many options for clothes shopping near me when it comes to Mango, only at selective locations. Because of its high quality and classy outfits, this brand has managed to earn fame amongst all Pakistanis who want to dress up elegantly in western clothes. be it a party to attend, or a formal dinner, Mango has got you covered with its vast variety of clothing options. Not only this, but you can also buy bags, and other fashionable accessories from Mango to complete your look instead of running to some other clothing store near me. 

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