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Best PS4 Racing Games Commentary Introduction

Many individuals consider gaming to be one of their favourite pastimes, and there are several alternatives available across a variety of platforms. One of the most popular sub-categories of these is racing simulation, whether it be arcade/cart-based games with an intense car racing theme or not.

With these games, PlayStation PS4 users can anticipate a premium experience with finely detailed visuals and exceptional performance/speed. Browse through this list of the top PS4 racing games now on the market in 2022 if you want to give them a try. Use ExpressVPN as a backup to protect your streaming from DDoS attacks and to improve the security and stability of your connection.

The Top 10 PS4 Games for 2022

For the ideal racing game experience, it’s critical to pick the correct kind of game. In order to do that, we researched and tested a number of well-known product possibilities, examining each one’s functionality, speed, and performance. The best 10 racing games on the PS4 are listed below.

Grand Touring Sport

With this VR-integrated racing game, you may race over the realistic landscapes spanning the border between Mexico and the United States. It is among the top racing games for the PS4 and features excellent driving simulation support for a realistic driving experience on the tracks.

You have a variety of scenery options to choose from when driving through various areas. More people are playing games since they are so realistic thanks to VR support.

Gran Turismo Sport PS4, PC Compatibility

Price: $19.99 USD


Unique to this game, original fantasy road racing vehicles are available.

supports activating PS cameras.

VR experience in high definition with PS VR headsets.

Choose from 40 courses spread out over 17 locations.


For races, alternate between online and offline games.

Both beginner and experienced racing game players can enjoy this game.

Change the default setting from basic to advanced.


When playing online, the gaming experience may become unstable.

There isn’t even a free version accessible.

2. F1- 2021

F1-2022 is among the top racing games on the PS4. For players, it has a special story mode called Braking Point that they can select for enhanced Formula-1 racing.

Here, gamers can engage in two-player Career mode or single-player gameplay to experience genuine motorsport racing. For a better user experience, you can choose racing season-based sessions that mimic real-world racing events.

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F1- 2021

PC, PS4, PS4, and PlayStation Plus are all compatible.

Price: 59.99 USD


The Career mode of play is available for two players.

To access online gaming, use the PS4 Plus version.

Functions for vibration and trigger effects are available.

20 gamers are allowed on PS Plus.


Both the online and offline versions of the game are choices.

In the garage, upgrade the car designs.

Single-player modes for both practise runs and racing.


You must make in-app purchases to access the finest features.

It’s not recommended for younger users because the game contains minor language.

3. When playing Dirt 5, choose the Career plan with narrative-driven gameplay. There are many different kinds of vehicles here, including, to name a few, buggies, trucks, muscle cars, rallycross vehicles, and rock bouncers.

You can select the car you desire and the game’s path from 10 different locales to start your racing experience in a realistic-looking environment.

Dirt 5 Support for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Stadia, and Steam

Price range: $7.38 to $8.21


Visuals with high frame rates of up to 120 FPS.

Races can have up to four competitors.

enhanced playground possibilities with more than 70 distinct tracks.

High-caliber occasions and genuine sponsors in Career mode.


There are excellent graphics available.

allows for online multiplayer gaming.

Obtain numerous awards while racing.


Age limits are very stringent.

It cannot be used without first creating an EA account.

Project Cars 2 is a 4.

Project Cars 2 is another excellent choice among the top PS4 racing games available that you ought to try out. The races offer a variety of routes, and you can select from a variety of vehicles with believable designs.

Regarding the game’s performance, we thought it was really high-quality, with simple controls and speed changes.

PS4, PC, and Project Cars 2 compatibility

Price: $59.99 and above


Numerous racing car possibilities, including G10 race car types and Vintage Prototype versions.

usual game kinds and motorsport series.

modifications to the aesthetics dependent on the weather for improved user experience.

There are 60 different sites and 20 more choices.


Smooth and lightning-fast gameplay.

Select one of 180 vehicles.

realistic racetrack environments.


For total novices, complex.

The PC requires particular graphics, hardware, and technical support.

5. Nitro-Fueled Crash Team Racing

The Nitro-Fueled mode in Crash Team Racing is one of the better options to attempt if you want to have a good time playing. With its colourful animated graphics, it is appropriate for both adults and younger children. The game offers more than 40 different karts from companies like CNK, CTR, and others.

The kart’s characteristics and skins can also be easily modified. You can choose from 40 tracks and play as one of 56 pre-made characters, among other alternatives.

PS4, PC, and Crash Team Racing compatibility

Price: 34.99 USD


enhanced CTR for more thoroughly mastered gameplay.

Game graphics and animation suitable for both younger and adult players.

Beenox pack materials are available.

For PS4 owners, an exclusive package of retro stuff is available.


Excellent CTR experience.

After selecting the Standard edition, the entire game is available.

There are available in-game challenges.


Many tasks require a reliable internet connection.

The cars can be customised, although there aren’t many alternatives.

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