Top 10 Styles for Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants have become part of making a fashion statement. They define you and help express your unique style. If you want to show your personality and taste, the different types of pendants will help you archive your goal effortlessly. 

Diamond jewelry also makes a perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. So you can get lab-grown diamond pendants for special people in your life. 

Lab-grown diamonds are as real as mined diamonds while being less expensive, making them more affordable. Here are 10 styles of diamond pendants you can consider to suit your personality or that of your loved ones.

1 Timeless Diamond Pendants

Vintage and contemporary diamond necklaces are timeless and perfect for every woman on any occasion. Their evocative statement flatters your neckline and represents a symbol of faith and focus. 

A timeless diamond pendant will capture everyone’s eye in a crowd. It matches your outfits, completes your look, and makes you more fashionable.

2 Drop-Diamond Pendant

A drop-diamond pendant moves freely as it hangs on a chain. It comes in different styles, such as circle drop and teardrop. A popular drop-diamond pendant design is the trilogy that has 3-diamond stones suspended on a chain. 

To complete your look, you can match the drop-diamond necklace with a 3-carat diamond ring or diamond stud earrings. The diamond pendant comes in different diamond types and shapes, accentuating a neckline. They sparkle and show quality and clarity, making the necklace an excellent gift idea.

3 Heart Pendants

A heart diamond pendant symbolizes deep affection, love, and friendship. They make perfect valentines, anniversaries, or birthday gifts for those you care about. 

Heart pendant jewelry has also gained the name “sweetheart jewelry” because lovers mainly gift it. The trend of gifting sweetheart jewelry can be traced back to World War I, when young soldiers sent heart pendants to their loved ones back home. 

Types of Heart Diamond Shape Pendants

Heart-shaped pendants help you make bold and romantic statements. They come in different diamond styles and designs below.

Open Heart Pendant Necklace

Open-heart pendants can mean many things to different people. For example, it can mean someone opens their heart to the person they love. 

A person gifts someone they love with an open-heart pendant to show they are allowing them to fill their heart with affection and love. 

Twin-Broken Pendant Heart Necklace

A twin broken heart pendant is a necklace with a broken pendant that lovers or friends give each other. The broken heart is a symbol that the two people can only have a whole heart when they are together or when the pieces are put together. 

Broken heart diamond pendants can also be found on other jewelry like tennis bracelets. The hearts on the bracelets can have the same meaning or a different from the person wearing them.

Colored Diamond Hearts

Colored diamond heart pendants present a different twist to the heart pendant designs. You can choose different types of diamond colors you want to see on your heart pendant. 

If you’re buying the heart pendant as a gift, you can choose the recipient’s favorite color or a color that matches their personality. Buying a personalized ornament adds value to the gift.

Winged Shaped Heart Pendant

The winged-shaped heart is popular in most jewelry. It has many meanings to different people. The meaning can be romantic or religious. 

For example, religious people might choose the winged heart because they see it as a symbol of ascension. It means an angel carrying a loved one to heaven.

4 Monogram Pendant

A name can be special, especially if it carries pacific memories. A monogram pendant helps you to hold such memories close to your heart. 

Monogram pendants interweave the first, second, and last names creatively into a unique design to form a necklace pendant. It’s a great way to customize your diamond jewelry. You can choose these monogram styles to create a meaningful pendant necklace.

  • A single monogram pendant uses one name, that is, the initial of the last name.
  • Two-monogram pendant combines the initials of the first and last names.
  • Three-initial monogram pendant combines the initials of the first, the middle, and the last names.

5 Religious Pendants

Religious pendants are crafted with precious gemstones like diamonds. They are also available in different metals and can represent an individual’s devotion. 

Diamond religious pendants are great fashion accessories, but they can also reflect a spiritual belief in a person. They provide a perfect blend of fashion and religion.

6 Solitaire Jewel Pendants

Solitaire pendants are necklaces that have one gemstone, like a diamond dangling from a chain. For example, a diamond solitaire pendant in all its glory is an excellent gift idea to present to a loved one. It comes in different diamond shapes and types. 

Other shapes that make a perfect solitaire jewel include chisel pear, princess cut, and emerald cut. The features around the gemstone can also vary, but the centerpiece is always one.

7 Halo Pendants

Halo pendants are in fashion and most people like them. They have a setting that forms a circle around the centerpiece jewel. 

The centerpiece can be a diamond jewel encircled by other tiny diamonds to add more sparkle. The smaller pieces of diamonds do not add weight to the necklace.

8 Fancy Pendants

Fancy pendant necklaces are mostly designed for women. They are trendy pieces designed to achieve high precision in ornament design. 

Various gemstones, including diamonds and pearls, create fancy pendant necklaces. They are good at enhancing your attire and completing your look.

9 Gemstone Pendant

A necklace can have pendants made of different gemstones. The gemstones may have different colors, shapes, and meanings. They can be bold, subtle, spiritual, and stunning at the same time. 

Gemstone pendants like princess-cut diamonds make you look elegant. You can pair them with a diamond ring or studs.

10 Diamond-Journey Pendant

A diamond-journey pendant has 3-diamonds representing the future, the past, and the present. The diamond jewel can be a perfect gift to a loved one. 

Recipients of a diamond-journey pendant will likely attach a sentimental journey to them. They are shiny, beautiful, and attractive.

Key Takeaway

There’s always a diamond pendant that is suitable for any occasion. Some pendants have sentimental value, others are fashion statements, and others represent a person’s religious beliefs. 

They can complement a look perfectly and make you stand out from the crowd. Different diamond pendant styles will make you look fashionable and reveal your individuality.

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