Tips to Sell Domains in Australia – Importance of Domain Age

How can you sell domains for more money? What are the factors that make a domain sell more expensive? These are the questions domainers ask themselves when selling domains. Whether you’re new to the game or selling domains regularly, answering these questions is critical to your success.

Let’s look at one of the most important factors for domain sellers: ‘age’. Domains also have an age, starting from the day you registered it and ending right now. Age plays an important factor when selling domains. Even if you thought of the perfect name for a site, it’s worth nothing if everyone knows you just paid $7 to register it. The age of a domain also influences the value of a domain on multiple levels.Domain Names For Sale Australia

The longer you wait for a domain, the more time it will have for it to appear as an authority resource. Create those perfect domain names by putting up a page of content and creating backlinks. If the domain has a high PageRank, it will automatically be worth something. Build as many backlinks as you can for a year or so, and your domain value will skyrocket. Simply put: time is money.

Take a look around at the top selling domain names. Those selling domains registered before the year 2000 will get the best price for their domain names, and if you think leaving some details out of your sales pitch, a simple WhoIs search will give you a bad rap. Be honest with your sales thread. As in poker, you will have more success if you play with your cards on the table. Sell ​​domains the right way, or don’t sell domains at all.

Unless you need quick cash, wait before selling domains. The longer you wait, the more you will earn. Old domains are more trusted by Google and other search engines, so just sitting on that perfect domain name will increase its value. Business Logos For Sale Australia

Keeping time on your side is vital to selling domains. Domains are like interest in a bank. The longer money sits, the bigger it gets. However, with domains, the value will increase much faster than bank interest. If a domain name isn’t even a year old, don’t consider selling it. You’ll come across as desperate for money and a lot of people won’t like you. When you try to sell it again 6 months later, you will be remembered as the guy trying to sell domains early.

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