Timeless Appeal of Unstitched Lawn

The demand for unstitched lawn suits will never see a decline. We all can tell why? Women have always enjoyed wearing the soft and light fabric on sunny days. You ask any girl or woman their preferred choice of fabric for summers and you will get only one answer. Lawn has been a top favorite for customers and what customers love – Khaadi loves to provide. 

With the overwhelming demand of lawn, the boutiques catering to this need have also witnessed more competition. This has led to better and more options available. Now you can get fabulous designs in the material for all kinds of occasions. Whether you want to enjoy a fun day with friends, need clothes for office or formal events; unstitched lawn is the answer.

Exclusive Collections By Khaadi

Since fashion houses understand the demand for unstitched ladies suits better, they know how to cater to this need and make the most out of it. Every season the stunning collections by Khaadi never cease to amaze and impress women. Whether it is single pieces, 2 piece or 3 piece suits, they all sell in no time.

Quality Matters!

The reason for the astounding Khaadi lawn sales is also because there is so much competition among brands and designers that only quality can survive. Thus, women get the most refined quality of unstitched fabrics from their trusted brand. They can get premium quality materials and in prints and patterns can count on getting the most fascinating designs as well.

Exciting Fresh Arrivals

Since the summer season is a long one, women can look forward to fresh collections by Khaadi arriving every now and then. The excitement never ends! Even if you do not require any suits, the fresh arrivals tempt you and once you give in, buying a few pieces becomes irresistible. There are spring collections and summer collections volumes to look forward to. In addition to this, there always is a separate range for festive occasions like Eid or Independence Day and all such events that call for celebration. For every occasion, a lawn suit becomes a must have.

Unstitched Embroidered Shirts

The intricate needlework, embroidered motifs, silver and gold sequins give a luxurious look and feel. They may be a bit too extravagant to wear on a casual day. It will be better to save these embroidered shirts for formal dinners or parties when you need the glamorous look. 

As an embroidered shirt is already too heavy so many prefer to just buy a shirt piece and make it work with a neutral shaded trouser that you may already have in your wardrobe. This will balance the outfit and also save some money. However, if you do not want the hassle of mix and match then a 3 piece lawn suit should be your choice.

Experiment All You Want

With unstitched suits you can be creative and give each ensemble an entirely unique look. It all depends on your aesthetics and personal preferences how you go about the designing process. Since you get the embroidered patches, organza borders, damans or laces with the unstitched suit separately, you can always pick and choose where you want the embellishments or the embroidery to be.

Sometimes with a few touches like adding laces or tussles you can turn a simple outfit into a party dress. It also costs less. Generally formal dresses come with a hefty price tag, so if you smartly design a suit, you can transform an ordinary piece into a reasonably priced party dress.

Gorgeous Fancy Dresses 

Other than embroidered shirts, Khaadi offers multiple options in fancy lawn dresses. Some shirts have such elaborate prints that they give a very rich feel and can add an interest element. Also at times, the dupattas are so pretty that they can add the fancy touch you require for a formal outfit. Chiffon dupattas particularly look very elegant. Other than this you can explore the range of net, silk or organza dupattas.

Watch Out For Lawn Printed Suits 

There is an even more diverse range available when it comes to the printed variety. You can pick from a huge color palette from fresh and vibrant colored prints to sober ones. Print shirts or 2 piece lawn suits (shirt and dupatta or shirt and trousers) are preferred by women for casual wear all through the season. Discover the remarkable range of digitally printed cambric shirts, jacquard, slub lawn, and printed viscose, that your favorite brand Khaadi brings for you.

Patterns For Women of All Tastes

Pick florals with small and large motifs for a feminine look, geometric patterns for a chic and posh touch. Paisleys and eastern motifs add an ethnic feel and abstract designs can be worn if funky or unique patterns are more of your style. 

New Lawn Collections and Fashion Trends

As mentioned earlier, in summers expect fresh collections arriving every now and then. Each time the dresses you can buy are even more amazing and there is hardly any repetition of designs. With this new trends keep emerging and fading away. 

Love for Kurtis

The hot trend that women and especially girls have been enjoying lately is that of ladies kurtis. One can find a huge range of options if you search for Khaadi kurtis online. These come in all styles! With unstitched fabric you can style a kurti anyway you want. Turn it into a loose frock type kurti, a simple one with front buttons or a long baggy type. You can keep the length of the kurti long or shirt. These days both lengths are being worn. 

Ladies kurtas are a big hit because they offer ease and comfort. In summers, comfort gains top priority hence you see kurtas in every woman’s summer wardrobe. You must add these kurta styles to your closet. The versatile piece of shirt can be paired with any bottom or trouser and still look good. 

The Verdict

We advise you to have a mix and match of all styles to get you through the summers. A single style, only ethnic or modern patterns may get very boring. Keep it interesting and add all sorts of designs, styles, patterns and colors. Khaadi collections make sure you get a rich and diverse variety. Have fun shopping and most of all enjoy every thing you wear. 

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