TikTok Marketing

This description of your ideal follower types will help you communicate, create, and connect in more successful ways. Creating content that TikTok viewers love is key to expanding your reach and gaining new followers. Watch for product showcase catalogs and livestream shopping, plus check out TikTok Shops, where you can sell your own or platform-affiliate products. Participating in challenges helps you build trust and connection with new people, who will then be more likely to follow you.

Since each type of phone uses a different aspect ratio, keeping important content away from the edges can help ensure everyone can see them. Think of each piece of content as a unique story you’re sharing with your audience. Too little content and they might be unsatisfied; too much content and you may lose interest. Stick to 15-second videos sharing high-level information, and pepper in 60-second deep dives to explain details further.

Ads will be shown off TikTok on other platforms, including BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, NewsRepublic, and Babe. Guide TikTok users to a landing page to capture their information. Maximum reach through the most views of your ad as possible.

Although not an exact science, your account’s analytics displays everything you need to figure out the best time to post a TikTok video. Read more about buy tiktok followers cheap here. This includes detailed information on when your audience is most active. The global best times to post on TikTok are an excellent place to start. But in reality, every creator, influencer, or brand will have slightly different best times to post on TikTok.

The key message was that eyelashes — just like boyfriends — are not always what you want them to be. K18, a new haircare brand, turned to TikTok as a way to build awareness quickly. K18 partnered with TikTok creators like Heidi D’Amelio and Mikayla Nogueira, who showed their hair in a before and after tutorial-style video. The brand grew its account from 2,000 followers to 20,000 and its campaign hashtag #K18Hair was viewed over 73 million times. Since TikTok is a creator-focused platform, partnering with influencers provides exposure for your brand and serves as social proof. One way to find influencers that fit your brand is through the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

However, you must meet the 10,000 follower threshold to make money on TikTok directly. As social media dynamics change, businesses need to pay close attention. Individuals can also potentially make money as influencers on the platform. As a brand looking to increase your audience base on the app, challenges are a great starting point.

Try using user-generated content in your ads to keep them truly authentic. For example, one in three of the top auction ads involves someone looking directly at the camera and speaking to the audience. Rather than using one type of creative, or very similar creatives, switch up your style.

Everything worth posting on one platform is worth considering for others. This is a great example of a short video with a looping sound that can easily trick viewers into multiple repeat viewings. Andrew Baena uses TikTok to promote his bandCarcosawithout using their music. Explore the latest insights and industry advancements in music marketing, monetization, artist development and more.

Once that’s done, you can log in to your TikTok Ads Manager to set-up your campaign details and ads. An important part of how you can increase your TikTok followers in a natural way is to follow the music trends. You can see how successful duets of other users are to understand the specifics of this approach. Usually duets are made by accounts with approximately the same level of hype. Ever noticed how many TikTok videos are viral on Facebook and Instagram? It is all because of the power of the cross-promotion technique for higher engagement.

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