Things To Know About Scalp Micropigmentation For Hair Loss

There are numerous products available in the market that pledges to ignite hair growth in a shorter period. But most of them failed to keep their promises and left the users with uneven results. However, the problem of hair loss is common among males and females. But the causes could be different for every individual that needs to be detected prior to treatment. Many choose to undergo surgical hair implants, but those who are not able for this consider other options. Scalp micropigmentation hair loss is a vivid hair loss solution that is gaining immense popularity these days. It is a cosmetic procedure performed by experts to inject colored pigments into the scalp. The treatment works to replicate the natural hair growth on the head in the form of cropped follicles. If you want to undergo this treatment, here are the top things you should know about SMP.

Non-surgical treatment

It is true that many folks suffering from hair loss do not prefer to undergo surgical treatments. The reason could be medicinal or due to their personal preferences. However, most individuals, especially men suffer from less density of donor grafts. This snatches them back from the surgical hair restoration. But they do not need to lose hope as SMP is always an available option. It is not only a viable solution for ordinary people. But many celebs also prefer SMP as the primary hair loss procedure. You can seek celebrity scalp micropigmentation results online or by visiting a reputed hair surgeon. It does not cause any scarring on the scalp and does not end up to the left with stitches on the wounds.

Ideal for scar disguising

Scars on the head could result from injuries that might cause you to lose confidence. They might affect the scalp to grow natural hair follicles permanently. So, if you have scars on the scalp, you can choose scalp micropigmentation as an ideal solution. It can efficiently conceal the scars on your head by adding pigments. The hair surgeon can match the color of your scalp with high-quality pigments. Hence, you can get superior outcomes to conceal the scars that are interfering with your looks. Moreover, SMP can be used for post hair transplant scarring concealment. If you have undergone the strip method of hair implant, it would certainly leave a scar behind. Thus, you can hide the scar with colored pigments to get a natural-looking scalp.

No need for wigs

As a hair loss sufferer, you probably want to hide your situation from people. But it would be harder for you to make people fool. They can easily judge that you are going to be bald soon, and this could humiliate you. Therefore, the need for scalp micropigmentation hair loss could arise and benefit you eventually. You can add pigments to the spots which are completely bald on your head. Also, you can cover the entire area of the top head that, includes the front hairline, crown, and top hairs. Therefore, it will completely evade the need to use ineffective hair loss products. The pigments would settle effectively on your scalp and will replicate the natural hairs.

Results are permanent

It is needless to say that results from scalp micropigmentation would be natural and permanent. This treatment is also referred to as hairline tattooing. So, once the pigments are settled on your scalp, they will look as if you have got your hair back. Also, the high-quality pigments would not fade away to break your hairline. They can stay for years to come but only needs little touch-ups at intervals of months. However, the SMP results could stay for 2-4 years but fading can vary from person to person. It could depend upon factors like the immune system, diet, and care of the scalp.

Customized treatment

Yes, this is a professional cosmetic treatment that can be customized to serve your unique needs. You can consult a celebrity scalp micropigmentation surgeon to get real results. The surgeon would create a hairline as per your needs that will make you look younger than before. Many people who have undergone this treatment are acclaimed to have improved looks than before. The surgeon can fulfill your specific requirements by adding pigments to the top and sides.

SMP won’t grow hairs

SMP is not about regrowing your hair as it cannot work to grow hair follicles. It can only create a buzz-cut look on your hair. The hair will not grow back again but can increase your self-confidence. Also, this procedure is cost-effective as one session of SMP costs 500 dollars on average.

To sum up

You can undergo scalp micropigmentation hair loss treatment to get realistic looks. It is a viable cosmetic treatment that can make the illusion of natural hair. You can consult with an expert hair surgeon to get high-end SMP results. It is an extremely advanced and innovative technology that can make a real difference to your looks. It is suitable for both genders. 

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