The Top-Rated Bursting Strength Tester and Box Compression Tester and their Prices

Bursting Strength Tester’s prices are around ₹50,000 to ₹80,000. Paper, leather and industrial textile companies regularly use bursting strength testers for product testing. The paper and board’s bursting strength and height are measured using an air pressure drum. It is the fundamental tool for evaluating material and physical strength. 

On the other hand ₹ 100000 to ₹ 110000 in this price range, you can get box compression tester price in the same range. This is a piece of very accurate, standard-based equipment that can simulate a storage or transportation situation while applying calculated compression stress. It aids in analysing how compression affects the boxes and how much force a box can withstand before deflection.

Choosing the correct testing method for your applications might be challenging. There are numerous varieties of corrugation testing equipment on the market. Before making a purchase, it’s challenging to comprehend the pros and cons of each kind.

Bursting Strength Tester:

The highly-precise Bursting Strength Tester is a testing tool that aids industrial businesses in assessing how well a material performs when subjected to bursting force. It assists in simulating actual load exposure to test a material’s durability.

The tester has a built-in digital display that enables users to select testing settings such as testing time, testing force, and value evaluation directly from the display. Upper and lower clamps of solid construction are included. The lower clamp firmly secures the specimen and ensures it won’t fall off throughout the test, particularly when the material is pushed. The specimen will be subjected to a vertical load from the upper clamp. When the maximum force is reached during the test, the product bursts, and the force is immediately recorded and displayed on the screen.


  • Display Type: Digital
  • Opening In Lower Clamp: 31.5 mm
  • Brand: NOVA
  • Weight: 80 kgs
  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Country of Origin: Made in India
  • Range: 0-50 kg/cm2
  • Power Supply: 220 V AC 50 Hz
  • Least count: 0.1 kg/cm2

Bursting strength Tester price:

  1. On the eieinstrument website, you can get a bursting strength tester for just ₹ 75500
  1. On the labbsexpor website, you can purchase this tester for just ₹ 65,500. ₹ 60,000 is the basic price range for this product.

Box compression tester:

To prevent crushing when packed together during transit or storage, cardboard and corrugated boxes’ compression strengths are accurately determined using a box compression tester tool.

The Box Compression Tester measures the force the box’s material can withstand. Box Compression Tester has a beautiful design and is simple to use. The Box Compression Tester makes it simple to calculate compression strength. This device aids in serving as a gauge for the material’s general quality and the box’s ability to compress.


  • Compression strength and deflection are read directly digitally
  • Mechanical drive system according to IS 7028-VI specifications.
  • Advanced electronic controls for accuracy and simplicity of use.
  • Both 0-1000 kg and 0-2000 kg capacities are offered.
  • Electronic digital display panels with minimum counts of 1 KGF and 0.1 mm for deflection panels.
  • Peak-hold equipment is available.
  • Speed under test: 10-/+3 mm/min.
  • faster approach and return speed to the top of the specimen.

Box compression tester price:

  1. In laboratory deal, the ​​box compression tester price on exchange is ₹ 1,02,900
  1. In constructional, you can purchase a box compression tester for just 33,500

There are so many different prices for box compression testers on different websites. You can easily visit these websites and get this product within your affordable price range.


The Bursting Strength Tester is an essential tool for industrial businesses who want to know how well their products perform under pressure. The tester can be used indoors and outdoors, making it perfect for any workplace environment. It’s also important to note that the Bursting Strength Tester is very affordable. This tool allows users to gauge the material’s strength in real-world conditions.

The compression tester is most commonly used for materials that have high strengths, such as metals and ceramics. The burst-strength tester is most commonly used for materials that have low strengths, such as plastics and rubber. Both types of testers are available in different sizes and can be used for different materials. Both of these tools are available in different sizes and are priced accordingly. The price of these tools varies depending on the materials they are used on and their size. The price of these tools varies depending on the materials they are used on and their size. Both of these tools are available in different sizes and are priced accordingly.

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