The Problem of Acne: Can Ayurveda Help?

No matter whether you are in a school, college, office or any other stage of your life; you would not want to leave a wrong first impression, right? You do wish that whether on the first day of your college, time of a significant presence in the office, or an event; you look charming and smart. But what if you get acne at that time?

Well, no more remorse about your acne as you can get the perfect solutions from the ayurveda medicine manufacturing. Ayurveda has a whole world of medicines that can work for you and that too without triggering any type of side effects. Hence you can be confident that you do not experience acne on your skin.It is time that you bid Goodbye to painful and irritating Pimples And Say Hello To crystal clear Skin, with the perfect ayurvedic medicines and solutions.

What acne is for Ayurveda?

In the age-old Ayurvedic world of manuscripts of Sushruta, Charaka Samhita, Samhita, and Ashtanga Hridaya, acne has been described as Yuvanpidika, Tarunyapitika for the inflammation growth in adolescence i.e., Yuva or even Taruna and Mukhadushika which means scarring of the face, for other types of the skin ailment.

You know ayurvedic scriptures mention that healthy, glowing skin is not simply based on superficial factors of the face, but even external pollution, but even relies on the overall wellbeing of the individual, encompassing diet, exercise as well as lifestyle practices.  So, acne is triggered because of eating Ati Snigdha, Katu, Madhura which means very oily, spicy and even sweet foods often, Anidra i.e., Insomnia, Ati Shoka or much stress, a weakening in agni i.e., stomach acid secretion or even indigestion and improper metabolism. Other reasons for acne include Atapa Sevana or extreme sun exposure, tobacco as well as alcohol ingestion, apart from depression, and anxiety, that activate hormonal imbalance and worsen the Vata, Kapha doshas, and even contaminate the Rakta Dhatu i.e.Blood circulation in your body system.

Yet, acne as well as acne scars that emerge in teenagers and adults can be productively treated by using some magnificent and proper natural herbal concoctions mentioned in the time-tested practice or concept of Ayurveda.   You can easily get the medicines or solutions from the manufacturers of Ayurveda medicines. But now, have a look at some of the ingredients of Ayurveda for your acne issues:

Nimba (Neem)

Neem leaves are instilled with antibacterial properties, that massively pacify inflammation on the skin and soothe your aching pimples. Applying a paste of neem leaves mixed up with rose water on the affected areas of skin acts as a superb natural spot treatment for the condition of acne.

Manjishta (Indian Madder)

Manjishta is a wonderful solution from Mother Nature for solving all sorts of skin woes, from acne, and sunburns, to even scars and dryness, having the powerful antioxidants that detoxify your skin. Dabbing on some herbal blends of Manjistha powder with aloe vera gel gives soft skin and a clear complexion.


To sum up, you can look into the options and choose the acne ayurvedic treatment as per your skin type. Hence, acne will no longer be a problem for you.

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