The Importance Of Preschool & Daycare North Vancouver

Why should you send your little one, your preschooler to a formal preschool? What is the importance of preschool education? What are the benefits? What will your child learn by going to preschool? Let’s see together the answers to these questions.

During the game, children learn. In preschool they can play and learn during organized activities designed to help them with this learning. They learn social interaction, physical skills, cognitive skills, creativity, and self-esteem.Preschool North Vancouver

One of the most obvious benefits is the socialization your child will gain. This is something every two, three and four year old needs. You can try to arrange opportunities for social interaction at home or in other settings. But the group activity your child will have at a preschool on a weekly basis cannot be duplicated by you in any other way.

During this social interaction, your child will learn invaluable lessons. They will learn how to share, how to take turns, how to share their teacher’s attention, how to follow directions from other adults, how to wait in line, and how to raise their hand. These are all important social lessons that many adults could yet learn. Your child will learn rules of interaction with others. They will learn what is correct and what is not. In today’s society it would be good if all adults had learned these rules. Look around; Can you guess which adults went to preschool and which didn’t based on their social interactions with others?

The preschool years are a time when bodies grow at a rapid rate. It seems that children can do something new every day. In preschool they can compete with other children to learn how fast their bodies can go. Combine this with hopping, hopping, skipping, dancing, lifting, and crawling. “Wow, I didn’t know I could do this,” I’ve heard kids say. They are also checking on their friends to see what they are up to. Your physical abilities will be challenged daily in preschool.

Many parents only look at the cognitive skills their children will learn when they watch preschools. While these skills are important, they will appear when the child is ready. They will also come as they participate in planned learning activities at their preschool. All good preschoolers will teach letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. Some introduce children to reading and math.

The best way to learn these types of skills is by playing and not making chips. Matching and sorting, sizing and comparing while playing during preschool teaches many cognitive skills. Finding things that start with a certain letter and counting games are also a great way to learn while you play.

In preschool creativity is a fact. When my kids went to preschool, they came home with a new art project every day. Endless materials and ideas were used to get their little minds thinking. And then there were all the opportunities to be creative that couldn’t be sent home. Play with puppets, pretend, finish this story, what do you think? There is something creative going on every day, every minute of every day as children play in preschool. Best Daycare North Vancouver

And I leave the best learning for last. Children learn self-esteem in preschool. My preschoolers were taught to yell “I CAN DO IT!” every time they were able to achieve something new or something difficult. You cannot put a price on this trust. They are challenged beyond what parents can put in front of them. They have teachers who have been trained and are close to their peers.

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