The effect of product quality on brand loyalty

Product quality is the main element that business actors need to pay attention to. Especially for those who really want to maintain their business in the midst of fierce competition and even make the business more advanced and growing. However, of course this is not an easy matter. Related to product quality, what is meant by durability is the resistance possessed by the product when used. The longer the period of use of a product, it can be said that the quality is also getting better.

The definition of good product quality must first be understood, so that business actors understand what quality is considered good, how to achieve it, what needs to be done to maintain this level of quality, and what will happen if it fails in this effort. Although it may sound inconvenient and seems to require a great effort, maintaining the quality of each product or service that is trying to be marketed will provide enormous benefits for operations and business development.

Understanding the Definition of Product and Service Quality
Product quality is the ability of a product or service to carry out its functions by considering various aspects such as its reliability, durability, convenience value, need for improvement, and other values ​​that also need to be considered. From this understanding alone, business actors can predict what efforts need to be made to ensure that quality is always maintained.

According to experts, product quality has more or less the same meaning. Kotler and Armstrong, for example, understand quality as the ability of a product to perform its function, and this measure includes the overall durability, reliability, accuracy, ease of operation, product repair, as well as other product attributes. From these two definitions, there are common points of consideration that need to be considered by every business actor:

By ensuring that the product to be marketed has good durability during use, business actors can add selling value to the product. Because, consciously or not, consumers will be happier with products that have a longer service life than similar products that are easily damaged. Product quality with a long life cycle will convince customers to make repeated purchases, for example buying the same product when the life of the previous product has expired and cannot be used anymore.

However, business actors must also pay attention to the nature of the product to be marketed before increasing its durability. For products that are only used with a single-use method, durability should not be something that should be considered in depth. If this the case, improving product quality from the other side can be an option.

The next measure of product quality that needs to be considered after ensuring durability is the reliability or reliability of a product. For this measure, business actors must see how well the product being marketed performs its functionality. Frying products, for example, can be said to have good reliability if they can be used to fry food evenly; not cooked in one part but in other parts it is scorched or still too raw.

Remember that the purpose of consumers in buying a product is to solve the problems they face in their daily lives. Therefore, the level of reliability as a measure of product quality is one that needs to be considered as well as possible. Consumers will not buy unreliable products.

In contrast to durability which can have different needs depending on the nature and type of product, product quality in terms of reliability is a very important element and cannot be underestimated, because every product must be able to be used according to its function; regardless of the nature and type of the product itself. Products with a high level of reliability will also be easier to market by word of mouth so that by ensuring the reliability of a product, sales figures can also be maximized.


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