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Courses And Certifications For NLP Practitioners

You can apply for the Certified NLP Practitioner or NLP Therapy program at the link above. Once you have paid your deposit, please send us your full mailing address and phone number so we can send the study package to your home. NLP Practitioner Certification Training Therapy promotes better performance, less stress, and a healthy lifestyle.

NLP uses reframing techniques and language combinations to create a new way of thinking about how you go through life. This leads to new ways of solving problems.

When and where.

The following five-day NLP Certified Practitioner programs will take place as follows.

December 10, 2022, in Dubai

Your investment

The cost of this program is Rs. 40,000 (plus fees) and includes

Five days of high-quality training with an international master trainer

Course materials and audio program.

A verified member of ANLP (UAE).

Listen to Dr. David talk about why you should follow the practitioner program here

Click here to view a sample certificate

Download the NLP Practitioner brochure

There are also a limited number of hostel places available, in Dubai only, on a first-come, first-served basis.

NLP therapy identifies thought patterns and changes them to change lives. NLP therapy can be free because the therapist solves your problem without knowing all the details of your problem, and is a quick and short-term goal. NLP UAE offers NLP therapy in several cities in UAE and offers a new way to hide or express emotions and behaviors.

There are many reasons why people turn to NLP therapy or counseling, such as stress management, nervousness, performance enhancement, and pain management; the list is endless. NLP UAE conducts certification courses at various locations. NLP therapy is essential to achieve success in life.

NLP therapy focuses on changing your mindset to think positively and be motivated. The human brain is a much more powerful tool with which you can achieve anything and much more. Our NLP therapy coach will work with you to help you achieve your goals and believe you can do anything.  We use modern NLP therapy neuro-linguistic programming techniques to help create new neurological connections in your mind so that you no longer cling to the old pattern of behavior that is causing your problem.

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