The Best Industry Trends to Help You Shape Your HVAC Business in 2022

If you have an HVAC Business, you might want to take a different marketing approach that will help your company stand apart from the crowd. The industry is already saturated with countless HVAC businesses. If you don’t step outside the box, your dream of growing your HVAC business won’t become a reality. 

Due to technological advancements and aid from digital marketing, HVAC businesses are growing rapidly. With higher customer expectations, you need to ensure your HVAC business can provide high-quality services. 

Here are some industry trends that will help your HVAC business in 2022. 

Revenue of the HVAC Industry is Expanding 

The HVAC businesses are growing exponentially in 2022. Business owners are taking numerous hvac marketing approaches to promote their services to potential customers. Here are the statistics that will help you know how HVAC businessesare growing and changing in 2022:

  • There are more than 120,000 HVAC businesses in the United States. 
  • As per reports, the HVAC businesses will grow more than 8% by the end of 2027. 
  • In 2021, the overall valuation of the HVAC business industry was $17 billion. 
  • For small HVAC businesses, the average annual revenue is $170,000 per employee. 
  • Successful and established HVAC businesses focus on an average of 13% net profit. 
  • HVAC businesses are sending more than 10% new quotas as well as 6% new work than last year. 

When you implement effective marketing strategies, you can undoubtedly make your HVAC business grow. However, you also need to ensure you’re offering great customer service and affordable pricing. When the price increases in your HVAC industry, you can charge more for your services to stay relevant and profitable. 

Customers Are Spending More Money on the Maintenance Fee of their HVAC Systems 

In 2022, more customers search for effective HVAC businesses that can help them with building and improvement projects. Here are the HVAC industry statistics you need to remember:

  • Americans spend more than $12 billion on their HVAC maintenance and repair services. 
  • More than 45% of homes in the United States are older, making them a strong market for HVAC companies. 
  • More than 55% of homeowners consider hiring reputed HVAC companies for their home improvement projects. 
  • The cost of the vent and duct cleaning has been increased by 20%. 
  • More than 70% of homes in the United States have air conditioners. 

When you build a relationship with the home construction contractors, you will be able to leverage the benefit of this growing requirement for HVAC services. 

Modern Customers Prefer Spending More on HVAC Technology 

Nowadays, many customers are paying close attention to installing new HVAC systems in their homes so that they can save money in the long run. As per reports, more than 15% of Americans have a smart thermostat in their homes. This is because smart thermostats are capable of saving money in the long run. As per My Effective Media, modern customers need high-quality customer service from HVAC contractors. 

If you want your business to gain a competitive edge, make sure you implement technological advancements. 


These are the best industry trends you should know for your HVAC business. What are your thoughts? Make sure you contact us to promote your HVAC business. 

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