The 20 Best Southern Rap Albums Ever

DOOM spoke from within emotionally, as the producer made the song cry—literally. Criminal Mindedreminded all that the Bronx was where it started. Where he came at Drake and Lil Wayne for being led astray by Birdman, two years before Weezy called his longtime label boss out on Twitter.

The Pharcyde’s artistry and playful nature all come together on a breezy track that was enough of a hit to define alternative hip hop for an entire region. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it that Audio Two’s “Top Billin’” features one of the greatest beats in hip hop history. “Top Billin’” has been sampled nearly 300 times by a wide variety of artists thanks to its innovation which, in 1987, sounded different from everything else coming out of New York. The abnormal, yet catchy drumbeat would change the scope of what could be done on a drum machine and, thus, in hip hop.

Ending off the track with an unfair amount of confidence, Takeoff slides through his entire verse with utmost certainty, assuring the listener that he knows exactly what he’s doing on the microphone. Read more about buy real youtube subscribers here. Curry has proven himself to be able to sing-rap with the best of them while also coming through with buttery smooth flows that will get a crowd going wild at any festival the kids are going to these days. Simply put, Curry is carrying all of Florida on his shoulders right now and he’s doing a damn fine job. Curry’s flow is both unique and highly-recognizable to its core. All things that are necessary to end up on a list like this.

Prior to 1993, rappers had only won Grammys in their designated categories. That changed when Arrested Development beat out Billy Ray Cyrus, Sophie B. Hawkins, Kris Kross and Jon Secada for Best New Artist thanks to their album 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of… The record was one of the most popular socially conscious hip-hop records of its day. A month after the Grammys, Billboard debuted its own chart to list the most popular hip-hop songs in the country. Its inaugural No. 1 was “Self-Destruction” by the Stop the Violence Movement.

He is a member of the famous hip-hop group, Wu-Tang Clan, and they achieved breakthrough success after releasing, Enter the Wu-Tang . Ghostface Killah released his first solo album Ironman, which gained success with music critics in 1996. He has had many critically-acclaimed albums since then, including Supreme Clientele and Fishscale.

Daniel Dumile, going by the rap name MF Doom, was a widely beloved underground rapper during his time in the game. He was part of the group, KMD, while performing solo as Zev Love X. He was known for mystery and always wore a mask. Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., has been referred to over the years as one of the top rappers of all time.

Dreamville like TDE is on list mainly due to the potential of their artists. J cole is a guaranteed star while Cozz and J.I.D. have a good chance, with J. Loud Music did a great job of creating a distance sound for the Wu-Tang Clan which attributed to their success.

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