Technology as a modern tool of today’s world

Technology is considered as the biggest weapon of any nation, region and country. Since the past few years, there have been many advancements in war and weapon technology. Education technology, electronic gadgets and many other fields including medicine, surgery, daily use, telescope and internet. So far, the world is nothing without technology and it seems impossible to live without the mobile phones, internet and other technologies used in our daily life. One of the biggest uses of technology is in transportation. This major progress has opened the doors to a new era that is the fastest means of locomotion and people have now become easy to move around the world.

Electronic Verification systems

In early systems there were extended ways of checking identities for official use and other data records. The manual checking of identities at hotels, schools, hospitals and other marts, led to many frauds and people were using dual identities for cheatings and other illegal activities. With the passage of time when new technology was introduced the systems got smarter and checking for individual identities became easier than before. Now the background and verification of any person is just one click away and the companies get the whole record of that person. Biometric systems are introduced in banks, schools and marts, also at passport centers. This technology has made the system easier and smarter. 

Digital Data Records

The use of paper is replaced by the use of word documents and other technologies. Now autotyping machines are available for large data typing and online services provide large space capacity to store numerous files. The modern operating systems and advanced computers allow databases of terabytes and even megabytes for storage. Technology such as hard disks and CDs also store audio and video files and are easy to transfer from one device to another. 

Mobile Phone and Laptops

One of the major advancements in the field of technology was the invention of mobile phones. It is now considered a minicomputer that contains different operating systems, camera, recorders, calculators, log book and many other functions. Many competitors are trying hard to defeat each other in this race. Day by day, the biggest companies are producing technology that can attract customers and provide user satisfaction. Still this technology has some side effects as well. Children are highly addicted to this. Screen use has made the children dull and lazy but it is parents’ responsibility to allow or don’t allow the children to use different websites and exceed the screen time.

Aerospace Technology

Planes and jets can travel millions of kilometers in just an hour which was almost impossible in early times. Modern technology has minimized the distances between countries to sub continents. Air jet technology is trying to bring relatives and loved ones closer to each other by fastest moving planes and jet engines that can travel with greater safety and precision. 

Technology is something that was difficult to initiate but once it has deepened its roots In the world, there is no coming back. Day by day more advancements are made and people can’t even imagine how far this world will go.

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