Style It Your Way With Khaadi’s Unstitched Collection

Ralph Lauren was very right when he said, “Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.” 

People who feel very strongly about their sense of style can relate to this statement. Since style can be very distinctive and personal, at times you do not get the desired outfits in the market that can do justice to it. This is the reason many of us thank brands that give us unstitched fabrics

Not everyone enjoys the ready-to-wear collections with different cuts and random sizes. Some women want clothes that are meant only for them and stitched perfectly so they can make their individual style statement. Khaadi unstitched collection is for them to explore and have fun with. So let the fun begin!

2022 Unstitched Collection has Stuff Dreams are Made of….

If you are looking for Pakistani suits online or Indian dresses online, then Khaadi should be on the top of your list. Khaadi 2022 collection comprises of soft pastels, dreamy hues and soothing colors. Find feminine pinks, cool blues and fresh greens. Other than this, there is a diverse range of vibrant and bright shades available for those of you who love to stand out in eye-catching colors. From sunny yellows, fiery oranges and deep reds, find bold colors to choose from for a dramatic look.

Khaadi has a fabulous range of printed cambric 3 piece suits in beautiful prints. There is an embroidered variety as well in cambric and lawn that is doing exceptionally well this season. Apart from 3 piece suits, there is a 2 piece collection as well as single shirts to make sure women can buy what they need. Very often women prefer to get a shirt piece and match it with a bottom they already have as this can be very economical.

The cloth pieces that you get for 2 or 3 pieces have dimensions mentioned on the online site. With embroidered pieces the patches will come packed and you can design the embroidered patch anywhere you want. An embroidered patch can come on the front or back and the embroidered hem can be used on sleeves or whichever way you want it to be. Add embellishments, laces or tussles to enhance the outfit further. This can be a lot of fun if you decide to get creative. 

Pretty Patterns and Prints

Discover ethnic prints, solids, florals, geometrics and more patterns in the unstitched range. Florals, whether big or small, never get old, so go with the flow and pick any floral piece to go with your happy mood. Geometric patterns like stripes and lines exude sophistication and always look chic. Add a piece or two of these from the Khaadi collection. A striped kurti will look very chic and can go with any bottom or trouser. For the eastern touch choose paisleys or ethnic motifs that will enhance your traditional look. Last but not the least, is the solids category. You can never go wrong with these. They have a timeless appeal. Just pick your favorite shade and style it away.

The fabrics offered by Khaadi are of the finest quality and you can have them stitched into Pakistani shalwar kameez style or give it a western touch with dresses. You have the freedom to play with the designs and create a unique piece for yourself. 

The Love for Indian Dresses in Dubai

In the UAE, traditional dresses for women have always been popular. They just can’t get enough of shalwar kameez, kurtis and ethnic outfits that are things traditional. This is one of the reasons you will find all kinds of traditional Indian clothing in the market. In ready-to-wear you may find gorgeous dresses, but then some women may not be too happy with the superfluous details, you may want to alter it to suit your style for comfort. At times, an outfit may look very intricately designed and appeal to you the moment you set eyes on it, but when you look out for Indian clothes you may not get the finest quality fabric. With unstitched apparel all such issues can be taken care of. You pick the fabric, the color and the style.

No one wants to settle for low quality fabrics when creating their outfits. In ready-to-wear, you may have to compromise but why settle for less when you can have the best material and fabrics. 

With Khaadi unstitched clothing, you will not have to worry about the quality. All fabrics from cabric, lawn, cotton viscose, dobby, slub lawn, mersuri and jacquard can be tailored into a flattering Indian dress or a Pakistani dress

Lawn Pakistani Suits for the Sunny Season

Unstitched Lawn is the ideal fabric for women in the UAE and the Khaadi lawn collection comes with a huge range of prints. For women looking for casual outfits you can explore the amazing prints and patterns. A formal range includes the embroidered lawn that can be enhanced with embellishments and turned into a glamorous ensemble or any Indian traditional dress

Khaadi is providing women with the best Pakistani suits unstitched or stitched. It has earned the trust of happy customers who love to shop from the renowned brand. So next time when doing Pakistani or Indian dresses online shopping do not forget to check out Khaadi.

Not every trend is meant to be followed. You have to figure out what works and doesn’t work for you. With unstitched clothing choices you can stick to your individual style rather than taking what is being offered on the racks. Women of today know their mind and they know how to make their personal style more authentic. Be who you are and be proud of it. 

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