Stir Creativity in your Dull Writings with 7 Easy Steps

Putting words formally into context for any official document or preparing an interview is what you think, genius? – Think again, mate. You’re missing out on something heartwarming and absorbing in your writings. Do you tell us who likes a sip from a cup of sugar without sugar? – Of course, no one.

Even if you wrote words in an appropriate official decorum and think it’s a good evening rejuvenation infusion, good. But how about we add cookies and other supper delicacies to the menu? – And that’s creativity. Hence, both need a good stirring, whether it’s your tasteless tea or bland writings.

Creativity is not something that comes easily. To achieve it, you must first visualize it; once you have, you must express it in writing. The question is, how do you turn your dull writings into something that sparks readers’ imaginations? How can you rekindle your creative spark as a writer? Not anything mentally gutted nor imaginatively strenuous if you ask us. It’s your belief and passion that drive the thirst to write inventively. Know that every word feels like a painter’s dab that produces a breathtaking masterpiece.

Therefore, practice diligently for long hours for a slewing, artless narrative and a few minutes of philosophical contemplation. Do not write words but craft them. You can also request a mentor through a creative writing services agency. But do not hire a writing coach if your write-ups show signs of improvement. Imagine you’re wielding a sword for your readers that enables them to cut through their imagination stream barricades. Below are some excellent creative writing tips to say your goodbyes to monotony once and for all:

Brainstorming Sessions

Sit down at your house’s corner or drawing room, or have skull sessions with your buddies for it. Remember, brainstorming is one of the most effective ways to pour ideas from your brains in synchronized order.

Etching an Emotional Note

Imagine those old times when our elders wrote postcards to their loved ones. It is surprising that those concise, genuine words jolt hearts even today. Practice the same mawkish-styled writings in your journal. Write precise little passages to work on your ephemeral yet hard-hitting creative intensity.

Writing Everyday Routines in Night Diaries

Writing your memoir is a great way to train yourself for the future. Not kidding, but this would really help you jumpstart your autobiography. Besides, you can reflect on your memories and see how much you have changed over the years.

Reading Books and Blogs

Pay regular visits to your local library if you’re lucky enough to see one alive and breathing. Otherwise, download books on Kindle and read blogs/articles on the internet.

Write in First-person; in a Conversational Tone

Always write as if you’re paying attention to the reader and talking to them. It will free you from your lettering stutters and break the shackles of writer’s block forever.

Create your Unique Writing Style(s)

Never assume you’re a terrible writer after skimming through books and blogs. Remember, like our faces; even writings are distinctive for each writer. Therefore, practice and experiment with your unique writing flairs. 

Scribble Short Stories out of nowhere

Write short stories whenever you get free time. Try developing an interesting plot and an ensemble cast, and put them in order. Eventually, you’ll realize your creative strengths.


Absorbing creativity within yourself and deriving them through writing is a gradual process. It will take time, but in the end, you will get a good grip on it. We suggest that you analyze the writing patterns of good writers. Do not forget to watch movies and web series to catch inspiration. To finish, learn the art of artless writing to spin out creativity naturally ceaselessly. Let’s do this!

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