Solve iPhone 7 battery drain and overheating issues

I updated my iPhone 7 to the latest model. Then, after two days, I noticed that my smartphone was overheating even though I hadn’t used it for complicated or multiple tasks. This was especially noticeable near the twin cameras and the lock button (which is exactly where the Apple chip is located). What’s worse is that I was only performing a few simple tasks, like sending messages and viewing Safari web pages, and the battery was depleting quickly. I then checked my phone, disabled Background App Update, Alerts, Siri, Location Services, and even activated Low Power Mode, but nothing worked, leaving me upset.

If you have faced a difficult situation like me and are looking for some solutions, then luckily you have come to the right place. To make a difference, keep reading Or visit the iphone 7 plus battery replacement Auckland.

Possible causes of the problem: system installation problems, incompatible software, and battery problems.

Step 1. To check your battery, contact iPhone repair in Auckland

Upgrade to a new iPhone or battery. I advise you to call Apple support directly for remote detection to check the battery. Simply comply with the instructions provided by Apple support, and they will be able to remotely detect your battery. You can also schedule a battery check appointment with the Apple shop. Your battery is OK; go ahead and continue.

Step 2. Find out which apps use up the most battery and delete them quickly.

There is a quick way to determine whether your battery is running low. Write down the duration of Usage as well as Standby using the Settings>>Battery menu, lock your iPhone, and then recheck the time five minutes later. If your battery consumption increased by 1 minute while usage and by 5 minutes during standby, then your battery consumption is essentially normal.

Your smartphone 7’s battery may be draining quickly after you installed some specific apps since the software may be incompatible. Some apps could not work with the most recent iOS version as a result of Apple’s update, which drains your battery. If this is the case, go to Settings >> Battery and select the Power Saving option to see how much battery life each programme used. If an app uses a lot of battery life but isn’t being used frequently, delete it immediately.

Step 3. Switch off your iPhone 7.

A quick solution is to perform a factory reset, which will erase all of your information and system settings. Only by doing this will you be able to avoid the programs or other files, whatever they may be, that are the cause of the battery depletion issue. Just select Settings > General > Reset. Delete all settings and contents. Of course, make a backup of your iPhone 7 before doing this. Additionally, a factory reset will not change the iOS version; you will remain on the same version as before.

Actually, following a reset, my apple iphone Plus’s temperature and battery problems are resolved. I hope yours is the same.

Step 4. Use iTunes to reinstall System.

If you follow the steps above without success, your OS must malfunction, significantly if you recently updated to the most recent iOS version. In this case, the system might not correctly install on your iPhone 7. You have the following two choices: If you don’t have the most recent iOS version, use iTunes to upgrade; If you have the most recent version of iOS, reinstall it via iTunes. To upgrade your iPhone 7 on the former, just download the most recent version using iTunes. To do the latter, first, activate DFU mode by following these steps:

  • If your iPhone 7 is currently on, turn it off, attach it to your computer using a USB cord, and ensure iTunes is open.
  • Hold down the power button for three seconds, then while holding down the power button, push the lower volume button. Hold both buttons down for around ten seconds.
  • Release the switch while continuing to press the lower volume key for 5 seconds. A window will then appear on your pc to notify you that the DFU option on your iPhone 7 has been activated: “A smartphone in recovery mode has been discovered by iTunes.


Visit iphone 7 battery replacement auckland if you think you hold the button down too long and see the Apple logo on your iPhone or the iTunes prompt on your computer.

Use iTunes to recover your iPhone 7 while DFU mode is active. Back up your smartphone before starting this process, as it will remove all your data and reset all your settings. I suggest setting up your iPhone 7 as a new iPhone after the restore process is complete with fixing the battery drain issue.

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