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“However, in the last year I’ve been working my way back into using DeviantArt, especially with its delightful rebrand,” she says. “I came back primarily because DeviantArt is straightforward. There are no algorithms to game, it’s well organised, and it’s supportive of every type of art and writing I do.” But right now, it’s rapidly gaining popularity amongst creatives.

Each individual will have his or her own ethical values and if they differ then this can result in conflict . When an executive of a British company made an Instagram post with some racial connotations before boarding a plane to South Africa it started a frenzy that resulted in the executive’s immediate dismissal. As previously mentioned, users within the ages 8–15 represent one of the largest social media user groups.

If there are large peaks on certain days, see what type of content was posted and how people are engaging with it. This will let you reflect on what tactics worked the best and refine your strategy even further for the future. Working with influencers, especially micro- and nano-influencers, establishes trust in your company. As they talk and post about your brand to their followers, your Instagram account will organically grow with them.

Read more about here. In high cost of living areas like New York City, the average salary is around $57,000 a year. Do you instinctively monitor the content you share, keeping family and sensitive posts to a bare minimum?. Keep in mind that selling a service is similar to selling a product. A Gucci handbag might not necessarily be drastically better in quality in comparison to a regular leather handbag. But people will still spend a lot more on high-end brands because they believe the Gucci bag is worth more.

After all, you’ll want to do your research and know that you’re selling the right services at the right prices. Social media management isn’t typically priced by the hour, with a few exceptions. Well, it’s just not that lucrative, and it can be messy to track and manage your hours day by day. Using an hourly rate means that, aside from doing more hours, you’ll never be able to increase your margins unless you increase your rates. Your client will also know exactly how long each task takes, which might degrade the value of what you’re doing. When you first decide to start a social media agency or start working as a freelancer, thinking about which services you’ll offer can certainly feel overwhelming.

If you don’t hear back from Facebook within a reasonable amount of time, there are all manner of third party services out there that can help. I do not personally know any of them, nor can I vouch for them. However, if you’re in a desperate situation with zero support from Facebook, you might want to explore this avenue. My good friend, live video expert Molly Mahoney experienced a very similar Business Manager hacking last month where the scammers were somehow able to add themselves to her account. Then, they quickly racked up a whopping $20,000 USD in scam ads before she knew it.

Plus, you can incorporate both photos and videos into your carousel posts, so they’re a great place to get creative. By doing this, you’ll be taking a critical look at everything you’ve done on your profile so far, analyzing it, and then decide if it’s still serving the needs of your business. (Even if you’re just getting started with Instagram marketing, running an audit is a great opportunity to make sure you’re on the right track). A lot of businesses use the link to send followers to their homepage or blog, which is great! But for ecommerce businesses that want to send followers to specific product pages, campaigns, or webinars, the lack of hot links is a huge challenge.

For most brands, there are 2-3 primary channels to prioritize. Remember that more channels to maintain means more resources to manage. If you want to become a social media manager, you’ll want to become extremely proficient at several social media platforms. Going a step further and mastering a platform can really set you apart from competing management services (i.e. become a Facebook specialist or Instagram guru). Self-employed social media managers, also known as social media consultants, most commonly offer different levels of monthly service packages.

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