Should You Regularly Check the Waterproofing of Your Concrete Foundation?

Waterproofing the concrete basement is a significant step in all erection projects. This allows your building to be largely protected from the water or humidity contained in the ground surrounding the foundation, and this. For several decades after its construction through Utah foundation repair.

Over time, or under certain specific exterior conditions, the waterproof concrete foundation may deteriorate more quickly than normal. But how can you be sure that your foundation is healthy, and that the waterproofing layer still protects your home? Should the condition of the foundation be checked regularly? Find out what our experts say!

What are the factors that can deteriorate the waterproofing of your concrete foundation?

Over time, certain factors can accelerate the wear of your concrete waterproof. One of the most common causes of degradation is soil moisture content. If it is too high, or your waterproof is constantly in contact. With a lot of water, it may not be effective enough.

A good quality waterproof foundation is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Quebec climate. However, it is likely to deteriorate if the waterproofing agent no longer plays its role. Or if your other moisture protection infrastructures are deficient.

If, for example, your American drain is clogged, or you have problems with your gutters. The humidity level in the soil can become abnormally high. If so, your waterproofing may not be enough to protect your foundation from moisture. Since it is not designed to withstand such conditions.

What are the signs that the waterproofing of your concrete foundation is no longer effective?

If you want to make sure your foundation is properly waterproofed. You just have to be on the lookout for certain signs. For instance, apply a small quantity of water to your foundation. If it is nearby from the outside, and inspect the outcome cautiously. The water slides off without soaking into the concrete, your waterproofing is functional.

Water penetrates the foundation, it’s a sign that your waterproofing might need a touch-up. If there is a crack. You can also perform a water test on it to determine if it is causing moisture infiltration.

If you realize that your basement is damp, or that you find traces of mold there, likely. The waterproofing of your foundation is not sufficient. In this case, you should act quickly: health problems caused by mold are not to be taken lightly.

Regularly check the waterproofing of your concrete foundation

As a general rule, the waterproofing of your foundation should be effective for decades, depending on the waterproofing used. We still recommend carrying out a quick annual verification of its effectiveness. Because the consequences of a flood on the foundations of a building can be considerable.

If you notice the appearance of small cracks or holes in the concrete of your foundation. It is probably time to renew your waterproofing. Be aware that not all cracks always require repair; however. If they seem very deep or extend into the ground, you should call a foundation crack repair expert before applying a new waterproof.

Have you seen an opening in your concrete foundation?

If you notice a major crack during the inspection of your foundation, we advise you to the expert. Especially if you have already noticed a high level of humidity in your home through basement repair Salt Lake City. Repairing a crack quickly will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and damage to your establishment. Or you have problems with your gutters, the humidity level in the soil can become abnormally high. If so, your waterproofing may not be enough to protect your foundation from moisture. Since it is not designed to withstand such conditions.

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