Should You Buy Regular Mirror or LED Bathroom Mirror? What’s the Difference?

You may spend your hard-earned money on a shiny, good-looking bathroom mirror, but then when you take a hot bath, you realize it is completely useless. You end up waiting for 10 minutes or more for condensation to clear or wipe it off. What else can you do?

Instead of opting for a regular mirror, go for a fog-free LED bathroom mirror Ireland or elsewhere that prevents condensation buildup, so you step out to a clear mirror after a bath or shower. Thanks to the efficiency that LED offers, you are not just limited to standard square and rectangular mirrors. LEDs are more compact than other bulbs, so you have the freedom to be creative with the design and elevate your bathroom aesthetics.

Bathroom LED Mirror vs. Regular Mirror

Back then, choosing a new bathroom mirror was just limited to picking the right size and shape. But choice these days can be overwhelming with the advent of illuminated bathroom mirrors. Modern LED bathroom mirrors are more energy-efficient and long-lasting than regular mirrors. 

Let us walk you through the major differences between an illuminated bathroom mirror and a regular mirror. 

  • Size

Regular mirrors come in a standard size that fits into the sink or vanity and also, and the shape is proportional to fit above the sink. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, simple or luxurious, a bathroom LED mirror is a must-have and available in different sizes. You can even choose a large mirror for a small bathroom to create an illusion.

  • Material

Bathroom vanity mirrors are made of tempered glass while regular mirrors are designed with standard glass. Tempered glass is tough, designed with safety in mind, and undergoes a process of molding in a temperature-controlled environment. While regular mirrors fog up easily, modern bathroom mirrors come with an anti-fog function that keeps them fog-free when the room is steamy.

  • Design

Regular mirrors come in typical shapes like square and rectangular. With LED bathroom mirrors, you can choose a frame and style that matches your bathroom design. Whether you want a Mediterranean-themed bathroom or want to match your tiles with a mirror, design possibilities are endless.

  • Light Modes

You cannot expect any light from a regular mirror. Thanks to LED technology advancement, you can find illuminated, fog-free bathroom mirrors with 3 color-changing light modes. You can adjust and dim the lights according to your preference. You can change light modes between cold white, natural white, and warm white with maximum brightness and visibility for all purposes.

  • Robust Features

Regular-sized mirror has no special features. Go for cheap bathroom mirrors with lights featuring a touch sensor switch, defogger system, adjustable CCT, dimmable function, and waterproof design. LED bathroom mirrors can be an attractive and functional addition to any bathroom.


Regular mirrors fog up easily and don’t look modern these days, with increasing demand for aesthetics and functional addition. As bathrooms tend to be exposed to high humidity levels, get an LED bathroom mirror that comes with anti-mist technology and contemporary looks to achieve an appealing look. It can be paired with a towel rail to give your space a distinctly modern appeal.

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