Satellite Internet At Sea: Hardware, Airtime, And Pricing

We regularly get requested what is essentially the most affordable option for satellite tv for pc internet while at sea. Because the satellite tv for pc industry matures, increasingly options have gotten out there for web connectivity on your boat and a few of them could be very inexpensive. The choices we’ve detailed here are meant for single users or small crew situations. (For big satellite tv for pc web choices at sea, please contact us).

Satellite web continues to be costlier than any land-based web you can see. How affordable (or not) it may be depends virtually completely on how you utilize it.

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Low-knowledge usage (low cost)


Downloading weather recordsdata

Very small webpages (like NOAA, and so forth)

Note: if this is the type of information you’ll completely be doing, you’ll also be very effectively-served by a handheld satellite phone, as most of them can do that for you for a a lot smaller up front hardware cost. Popular choices are the Iridium 9555, Iridium GO!, and RedPort Aurora.

High-information usage (higher costs)

Web-looking, especially with out compression

Any kind of streaming service (Youtube, Skype, Spotify, etc)

Certain VoIP providers

Large and frequent file downloads

Satellite Terminals for Marine Satellite Internet

Now that we know what sort of web actions will most have an effect on your satellite airtime invoice, let’s speak concerning the equipment.

Iridium Pilot

The Iridium Pilot is a fixed installation antenna that provides broadband functionality. It is one of the least-costly hardware options for marine satellite tv for pc internet. Although it runs gradual by land speeds (as much as 128kbps – about twice the pace of dial-up) it is considerably sooner than a handheld satellite tv for pc cellphone (which runs at 2.4 kbps – 25 times slower than dial-up).

Due to this and other operational options of the unit, doing fundamental activities like electronic mail, weather, and voice calling becomes extremely inexpensive. Downloading a GRIB file over a handheld satellite phone will value someplace around $2.15 in airtime. Downloading the identical GRIB file over the Pilot would cost about 2 cents in airtime. If you loved this article and you wish to receive more details regarding marine hinge cost assure visit our internet site. While the upfront prices of the unit are greater than a handheld, the ongoing prices are considerably much less. Adding in the power to internet-browse (which, while costly and sluggish, is feasible and a really good feature to have in an emergency!) means that you just get a much higher quality of service than with a handheld satellite telephone.

Hardware cost: $4,793 for the Iridium Pilot Savings Bundle

Airtime price: From as little as $39 a month, with seasonal contracts accessible.

Estimated low-utilization cost: Around $50 – $one hundred a month will cover you for boat hinge e-mail, downloading weather GRIB recordsdata, and doing emergency internet-browsing.

Estimated excessive-utilization price: Committing to bundle with 1,000 MB per month will value you simply over $1,000 a month, with per-MB overage from $0.56 every.

Coverage: Worldwide, pole-to-pole

More info: now we have an incredible (free!) information to inexpensive satellite broadband that particularly appears at utilization circumstances for the Iridium Pilot. You’ll be able to test that out right here.

Inmarsat FleetBroadband

FleetBroadband is likely one of the oldest marine satellite tv for pc broadband choices and definitely one of the crucial dependable. FleetBroadband comes in 3 totally different terminals: the 150, 250, and 500. Each terminal reflects the max obtain speed of the unit (the a hundred and fifty goes up to 150 kbps). FleetBroadband works most places on the planet, gives clean connectivity for downloads, and remains a well-liked choice for everybody from cruisers to industrial vessels.

Hardware value: Around $6,000 for a Sailor 150, around $11,000 for a Sailor 250, and around $16,000 for a Sailor 500.

Airtime cost: While prepaid options can be found, be sure to read the superb print. We suggest a postpaid plan. These start at $106 a month (includes 5 MB of information).

Estimated low-utilization price: Around $one hundred a month will cover you for email, downloading weather GRIB recordsdata, and doing emergency net-looking.

Estimated high-utilization value: FleetBroadband postpaid options for top usage leap from 200 MB monthly to 2 GB (with nothing in-between). 200 MB per month will value you around $1,000 and a pair of GB per thirty days will value you around $2,000.

Coverage: Excellent coverage as much as 70 degrees latitude. For worldwide coverage, consider adding an Iridium Pilot as backup.

Inmarsat Fleet One

Inmarsat Fleet One is the latest satellite broadband option from Inmarsat. It’s basically a lean version of a FleetBroadband 150. It runs at a max speed of a hundred kbps. Offers very cheap airtime choices… Inmarsat has created a particular coverage map for the Fleet One. If you’re throughout the “home zone” you get incredible airtime rates of round $6 a MB. But if you happen to go exterior of the home zone you get dinged at $33 a MB.

Hardware value: $3,295 for the AddValue Fleet One and $4,154 for the Sailor Fleet One. Airtime price: Prepaid. Postpaid available. For $60 a month you get 10 MB a month inside the house zone.

Estimated low-usage value: Around $60 a month will cowl you for e mail, downloading weather GRIB recordsdata, and doing restricted web-browsing.

Estimated excessive-usage price: Hard to calculate. There isn’t a graduated scale for Fleet One airtime so usage as high as 1,000 MB a month would cost you around $5,800 (for dwelling zone) – not an amazing answer. If you plan on doing high information usage, consider a distinct system.

Coverage: Excellent protection as much as 70 degrees latitude. For worldwide protection, consider including an Iridium Pilot as backup.


The KVH Mini-VSAT, greater than any other broadband unit accessible for particular person customers, gives the quickest, cheapest airtime. With knowledge speeds up to 2 mbps (around what you’ll get on 3G in your cellphone), you may shortly and easily entry the online. There are three KVH programs: the V3, the V7, and the V11. The V3 is the least expensive at round $13,000 and the most popular with individual sailors.

KVH airtime is where the system actually shines. Starting at $forty nine a month, KVH overage per MB is simply $0.99 to $1.99.

Hardware cost: Around $13,00 for the V3 (though contact us, we might be capable of make you deal), round $30,000 for the V7, and around $60,000 for the V11.

Airtime cost: Postpaid airtime starts at $49 per 30 days. (For the V7 and the V11, limitless plans are available beginning at $995 per 30 days).

Estimated low-utilization value: $49 a month will easily cowl you for email, downloading weather GRIB files, and gentle net-searching.

Estimated high-usage value: 1,000 MB a month costs $999 per 30 days, with $0.Ninety nine per MB in overage.

Coverage: KVH has good protection in the Northern hemisphere, however doesn’t have good coverage in the Southern hemisphere. Many users use an Iridium Pilot as a backup in the event that they plan on touring outdoors of the KVH coverage space.

Please contact us for pricing on KVH equipment and airtime.

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