Risks and Benefits of Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening Smithfield VA is a surgical procedure that is performed on the crown of a tooth. It can be done by a dentist or a specialist periodontist. There are a number of reasons for crown lengthening. In this article, we look at some of the risks and benefits of this procedure.

Disadvantages of crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that removes bone and gum tissue from your teeth. This process is done in order to lengthen your crown and make your teeth look longer and straighter. There are advantages and disadvantages to crown lengthening, and you should always ask your dentist about them before deciding whether you want to undergo the procedure.

First, crown lengthening can be expensive. Moreover, you must undergo surgery, which means a few days to several weeks of recovery time. Besides, you are likely to experience tooth sensitivity after the procedure. In addition, you may experience excessive bleeding and infection. However, these risks are generally manageable if you follow all the post-operative instructions.

Recovery time after crown lengthening

The recovery time for crown lengthening varies from patient to patient and is dependent on the specific steps that are taken during the procedure. In most cases, recovery takes two to three months, though it can be longer. During this time, patients may experience pain and sensitivity to hot and cold. However, these side effects should subside as the gums recover.

Following the procedure, patients may be prescribed pain relievers and antibiotics to help with the recovery process. They may also be instructed not to drink or smoke for 24 hours following surgery. They should also avoid hot foods for 24 hours. To minimize the chances of infection, patients are encouraged to apply moistened gauze to the area for about twenty-five minutes every hour.

Cost of crown lengthening

The cost of crown lengthening will vary depending on the procedure you choose and the number of teeth you wish to treat. The procedure can also be more expensive if you need to remove bone to make room for the new crown. The total cost will also depend on any additional services, including dental cleanings and restorations.

Crown lengthening usually costs between $1000 and $4000. This depends on many factors, including the number of teeth you wish to have changed, the location of the procedure, and the dentist you choose. If you have very sensitive teeth or want to have multiple teeth treated, you can request sedation, which can cost you an extra $500 to $1,500. The dentist’s experience and expertise will also affect the overall cost. Crown lengthening costs may also be covered by your insurance.

Alternatives to crown lengthening

Alternatives to crown lengthening Smithfield VA can help you avoid the risk of gum and tooth problems. Tooth decay may develop below the gum line or around an existing restoration, which can make oral hygiene difficult. This procedure reduces gum tissue and bone around the tooth to create a clean, healthy margin for a new crown. The procedure can also improve your smile by creating a more proportionate gum line and a longer appearance.

Crown lengthening is a cosmetic procedure that is often performed in a single appointment. It removes extra gum tissue and exposes the natural tooth enamel, addressing gummy smiles and making short teeth look longer. It also prevents pockets from developing in the gums and helps prevent periodontal disease. Additionally, it can improve your smile’s symmetry and decrease the risk of future tooth decay.

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