How To Record WhatsApp Calls On iPhone

Hey Guys, today our’s topic is to record whatsapp calls on iPhone. Similarly, through this article, we’ll show you thy way of recording WhatsApp calls on your iPhone. Whatsapp which is the most popular and useful messaging app that connects people to each other from all over the world. Users who’re using WhatsApp on their iPhone also wanna record whatsapp calls but they are unable to do so. There is no feature available on iPhone to record whatsapp calls. It could be a difficult to do but not an impossible task for iOS users. Through some iPhone tweaks you can easily record your whatsapp calls on iPhone devices. Hence, in order to record whatsapp calls you need to jailbreak your iOS device. This is the only way for iOS users to get all modded whatsapp features on iPhone. So, in this article we’ll provide you all procedure with guidelines.

How To Record WhatsApp Calls On iPhone

Download GBWhatsapp To Record WhatsApp Calls On iPhone

This method could be risky for you but if you wanna take this risk then follow this article completely. As compare to iPhone, recording WhatsApp apk calls is an easy task to do in android devices. Similarly, with the help of some recording apps you can easily record whatsapp calls on android phone even without rooting. In iPhone case, you can do this trick when your device is jailbreak. After jailbreak iPhone devices, you need to install Cydia app and then whatsapp call recorder app. In addition to, you can do more stuff on your iPhone after install jailbreak on it. You can customize your iPhone interface, icons, modify settings, hack games and many other features. But our’s topic is based on whatsapp call. So, guys without wasting anytime let’s have a look on its procedure with step by step. All you need to do is to follow all the steps.

Requirements To Record WhatsApp Calls On iPhone

There are some requirements that you need to fulfill in order to record whatsapp calls on iPhone. These requirements are basic things that you must have all before going further. Well, you don’t need to worry about it because these are just basic things that you’ve to arrange first. Let’s have a look on its requirements from below.

  • First, jailbreak your iPhone first.
  • Cydia must be install on your iPhone.
  • Watusi
  • Internet Connection

You must have complete all these requirements that mentioned at above. After completing all these basic things then you can be able to record whatsapp calls on iPhone devices.

How To Record WhatsApp Calls On iPhone

You need to jailbreak first your iPhone then install Cydia app on your iPhone device. This process is not so easy as android so, you need to take help from Google to get jailbreak guide. Now, let’s have a look further.

  • After jailbreak install on iPhone
  • Install Cydia app on your phone then launch it.
  • install Watusi which is available in BigBoss repo.
  • There you have to pay around $1.99 to install it. Moreover, you may find it free on Google as well.
  • When you install Watusi on your iPhone then open WhatsApp and go to settings.
  • After go to settings you will see Watusi preferences there. Tap on this option and enable record calls feature.
  • So, guys this is the end because you have successfully enable the call recording feature.
  • Now your whatsapp call will be recorder and save automatically as well.

So, friends this was about recording whatsapp calls on iPhone device. This was the easiest way to record whatsapp calls on iPhone but you have to jailbreak your device then you can do this trick. I am sure that you have like this process of recording whatsapp calls. You can get fully guidelines about jailbreak iPhone on Google or YouTube. Also checkout the OGYoutube APK for Android.

Features Of Watusi

There are a lot of amazing features available in Watusi. This is why it is an premium app and cost $ 1.99. Many people thinks that why they should spend money for getting only whatsapp call recording feature. Let me tell you that Watusi have a lot of amazing features in it for iPhone devices. Let’s have a look on its major features from below.

  • You can protect your apps with the password or Touch ID.
  • Provide Call recorder that record voice calls.
  • It will help you to disable reading, reception and write notifications as well.
  • There is easy method to share multimedia contents.
  • You will see avatar of your contact including notification.
  • Allow us to disable large emojis.
  • It will allow you to hide profile picture, camera buttons and call buttons as well.
  • Moreover, you can be able to change themes, colors and interface with fonts style.

So, guys now you can guess from it that how it is worth. But you can get Watusi on your iPhone after doing jailbreak on it. Hence, jailbreak your iOS device, install Watusi and get all amazing features on your device. Jailbreak is just like bypass tool for iPhone as root in android device. It will allow you a lot of great features which you can’t get by default. It could be risky for you but to get all these features you’ve to take this risk. This tutorial is purely for educational purpose and your device software may crash after installing jailbreak on iPhone. If you face any issue regarding whatsapp call recording then you can ask us.

The Bottom Line

So, guys this was all about recording whatsapp calls on iPhone after installing Jailbreak on it. It will allow you to record any whatsapp call easily and it will save the recordings automatically. I hope you like this article so if you do then share this article with your friends as many as you can. Moreover, if you face any issue regarding this article then you can share with us by leaving your comments in comment section.

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