10 reasons why you should pursue a bachelor of business administration after 12th

Bachelor of business administration or BBA is an undergraduate program offered in institutes. It has become more relevant in the past two decades for students to pursue after 12th. This degree focuses on the essential aspects of business along with management skills such as market trends, business strategies, communication skills, human resource management, managerial skills, accounting, finance, decision making and entrepreneurship development, etc.

Here are the following 10 reasons to pursue BBA after 12th.

1. BBA is a versatile degree

BBA offers a combination of both theoretical and practical knowledge application to its students. This degree will enhance your personality development and growth. As it will make you a wholesome professionals in the end of your degree by equipping you with market competitive practical knowledge and skills.

Students get worried for the research work and dissertation writing they have to do at higher level of education. Student academics one of the major aspect is their writing skills which are checked strictly at higher level of education. To deal with this effectively, writing skills need to be stressed at the initial level and research proposal help can be taken to achieve this goal (bestassignmentwriter, 2018). Requirement of developing dissertation writing skill occurs when candidates are opting for their MBA’s or PhD’s after completing BBA.

2. It covers multiple subjects

This program covers multiple subjects or disciplines that give students abundant knowledge and skills related to market jobs. This also gives students an opportunity to later choose any career path which interests them the most. There are five core disciplines that are covered in BBA; Marketing, Management, Accounting, Organizational Behavior and Human resource Management. These discipline will build a strong start for students who wants to opt for further studies like MBA. Without a doubt there is a great demand of BBA in all the business sectors.

3. You can pursue higher studies

After BBA degree students get eligible to apply for Masters of business Management (MBA). This is because BBA is the stepping stone to do MBA. Students can also apply to other higher studies in business management such as MBE (Masters in business economic). BBA will also assist students to choose their specialization field and writing business dissertation proposal in their persuasion of higher studies. As BBA courses laid the foundation for the things which will be learnt later in MBA courses. Business dissertation help can also be taken to achieve this goal.

4.  It provides High remuneration/salary and other benefits

As markets are expanding, new business startups are starting at a regular basis. Students with BBA degree are in high demand with their expertise and business knowledge in all companies and industries today. For this reason, BBA graduate is offered with a good salary package and many additional benefits. Candidates have high chances of getting a promotion in a short span of time.

5. Affordability

One of the major benefit of opting BBA is its affordability to many students. Candidates can seek for job opportunities even though they have not done MBA yet. Money Invested in BBA program is much cheaper than money invested in other fields such as medical, engineering, law, etc. although it is a four year program, still its fee structure is affordable and decent for students.

6. Networking

BBA offers a great opportunity to its students to network and make connections with industry professionals. As BBA is a professional degree that assists serious candidates to achieve good results and a strong reputation in the job market. As candidates can directly opt for job opportunities without pursuing a master’s degree later.

Thus, BBA will open the path of markets jobs directly after its completion. It assist candidates to network with industries even before candidates have entered into the business world. They get significant experience and good market exposure that increases their scope of growth and development. They have an opportunity to become a manager or team leader in 3-4 years. And they can be further trained for senior-managerial or mid-level roles.

7. Experience

BBA degree equips an individual with professional skills at the start of his/her career. Even before you are getting started with your job work, you will be equipped with all the skills like leadership, decision-making, communication skills and critical thinking required to become a manager or a management professional. Nearly all BBA graduated students can start off their work directly with the sales, operations, strategic teams, and marketing and market trends. Reason is the experience and good exposure these courses teach in this degree. Which makes it easy for candidates to focus on latest market trends and market-relevant skills.

8. Find the entrepreneur in you

Study of BBA equips you to discover the entrepreneur in you as this 4 year program will give you all the tools and skills to launch your own product in the market (Boddewyn, 2018). You will be your own boss and to become a great entrepreneur who wants to bring out a solution to any problem you must learn a strong execution strategy, innovation and creativity.

9. An all rounder

BBA will assist you to build transferable skills. Which means you get the ability to apply your knowledge to almost every type of industry. It can get you a job role as a financial manager, financial analyst or a financial advisor. BBA will also take you to logistics or sales and distribution. Your leadership skills can be readily developed through this program. You can also learn the basics of doing a business in the competitive field through your leadership skills which will motivate people, think critically, analytical abilities through market challenges and communication effectively.

10. Currently in demand

There is a dire need for business-minded individuals and skilled managers in our industries. Every sector of commerce includes management roles from a local small shop to a large corporation. BBA will equip you with these fundamentals to seek out these roles effectively.


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