Providing Facilities to Business Support Team Performance

If there is a business that has a vision of wanting to become the number one best selling cake company in Indonesia, then its mission is the steps that need to be taken to realize that vision such as: producing quality cakes that taste good, providing sales facilities that can be reached from various platforms both offline and online stores, providing a memorable shopping experience for consumers, and so on.

In addition to the vision and mission, there are also targets and objectives. The target is a form of specific achievement of the mission while the target is a measure of its achievement. For example, if the mission is to produce quality cakes that taste good, the target is to implement a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) in the production process and the goal is to formulate a product SOP document.

Believe me, when we have communicated the vision, mission, targets, and goals to be achieved by the company, it will be easier for us to direct the team to contribute according to their responsibilities within the company. They can work effectively and efficiently.

Building a strong team is not enough just to provide direction and build positive communication with all team members. To build a strong and compact team, it must be supported by adequate facilities and infrastructure so that collaboration between team members runs smoothly.

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Do not let because of inadequate facilities and infrastructure, there are team members who are not able to carry out their duties effectively. This can have a negative impact on performance and the communication process between team members

Creating the Rules of the Game at Work

Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) does not only apply in the realm of production. SOPs can also be applied to employees. Regarding this SOP, there is a unique story shared founder and owner of Lightrees Group. He created a gaming-based SOP in the work environment to motivate employees.

According to him, work should not always be tense and rigid, but must also contain entertainment or entertainment in it. Whether we realize it or not, work that is done like playing a game will be more fun than doing it in a tense and tense atmosphere. By incorporating elements of the game, business team members will be more enthusiastic and focused at work.

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In the gaming-based SOP, there are also sanctions for errors, omissions, or work incompetence that are carried out intentionally or not. However, the sanctions given are certainly not burdensome, but rather refer to a ‘punishment’ that can make people laugh. For example, crossing out his face with the shape of a cat mustache, using a clown nose attribute, wearing custom cosplay, or others.

Ask a lot of questions and introspect yourself to find a solution

In addition to sanctions, compensation can also be applied, which is to build the initiative of team members to replace any mistakes, inaccuracies, or omissions of work done. For example, a team member who fails to reach the target, then he must replace it by doing other things or jobs such as making drinks for other team members.

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If there are sanctions, then there are also rewards given to team members who work well. For example, business team members who successfully achieve the target will be given virtual gold coins. In essence, every performance and achievement will be rewarded with gold coins that can be collected by each team member. If a lot of gold coins have been collected, it can be exchanged to buy leave or something else.

The strategy of asking many questions is not only effective for clients, but also for the business team. In the world of work, conflicts between team members are not new. If allowed to drag on, a hidden conflict without a resolution actually risks becoming a ticking time bomb that is ready to explode at any time, so that it can have a negative impact on overall business performance.

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In addition, when conflicts occur in the workplace, it is almost certain that each member of the business team will blame the other. They tend to focus more on blaming others than self-introspection. Therefore, it is important to improve the ability of self-introspection of business team members.


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