pros and cons of planned obsolescence

What are the pros and cons of planned obsolescence?

There is no doubt that you are eager to know the answer to this question, which is one of the most widespread questions today, and there is no doubt that you have heard a lot of people talking about the planned obsolescence differently.

So to help you form a full and correct understanding of the pros and cons of planned obsolescence this term we will give you the following article. Let’s get started then!

planned obsolescence advantages and disadvantages

In this paragraph, we will mention who is most affected by the advantages and disadvantages of planned obsolescence that we will talk about in detail later.

Manufacturers are not the largest but somewhat only beneficiaries of the planned obsolescence pros, most of which are financial.

In other words, users do not affect any of these pros as they are affected only by the cons.

But the question is why are these companies implementing the planned obsolescence?

Many famous companies such as Apple, for example, have found that when mobile versions are slowed down after a specified period of time, people will have to buy the latest versions not only to enjoy the new features, but because they are never able to take advantage of these devices. This thus leads to increased profits and increased sales volume.

Planned obsolescence benefits

Does the built in obsolescence advantages and disadvantages really have benefits i.e. is it possible to have a good side? We will touch on this before we dive into the pros and cons of planned obsolescence:

Everything in life has a good side and a bad side and it is no different for the planned obsolescence, which can be good if it is implemented in a different way.

That is, instead of being forced to replace your mobile phone without any convincing reason just because there are newer versions, you are motivated to buy the latest phone by offering really great features that outperform the features of your phone.

Which makes you compare the two phones and choose to either make a purchase or stay away from the whole thing.

Planned obsolescence advantages

Now it’s time to talk about the planned obsolescence pros and cons and we’ll start by mentioning the pros that may not be few:

  • Planned obsolescence motivates manufacturers to conduct permanent research and reach higher levels of technology and development, all because of their constant need to issue new versions.
  • Planned obsolescence increases profits significantly, which helps manufacturers located in competitive markets maintain their level as a name, reputation and profit.
  • Planned obsolescence allows people to experience a lot of recent versions in a short period of time.
  • Planned obsolescence improves the external shape of the device which indirectly catches your attention and makes the switching process enjoyable despite being unnecessary.

Planned obsolescence cons

We will now continue to talk about the planned obsolescence pros and cons, but we will focus on the cons that most people assert that the planned obsolescence consists only of pros.

  • Planned obsolescence is involved in environmental pollution due to continuous production within a short period that leads to the disposal of old products in large quantities.
  • Planned obsolescence also negatively affects the environment by consuming a lot of natural resources used in repeated production processes.
  • Most people do not want the continuous purchase resulting from the implementation of the planned obsolescence strategy, especially if the products are expensive.
  • Planned obsolescence is a risky strategy as it can lead to companies losing a lot of customers who want to own products that they are able to use for long periods.

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Now that you know the pros and cons of planned obsolescence, you can form your personal opinion about this concept, you can understand what is really going on around you and you can make buying decisions more clearly.

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