Promoting Your Instagram Posts

Such posts have a greater chance of benefiting from a wider reach and grabbing the attention of more users. Sponsored posts similar to content that has performed well in the past are more likely to do well. The social media influencer culture has taken the world of brands by storm. So many brands cooperate with famous influencers with a massive following to rise up in the Instagram ranks. There are different ways to get an influencer to endorse your content or brand and its products/services.

This will give you the quick run down on your best and worst-performing types of content as well as the levels of engagement you are getting. Here you can apply filters to segment the data for each of your posts for a specified time period. Instagram’s maximum limits are set at $1,000 ad spend daily and up to 30 days in duration for a maximum possible reach of 400k-1 million people.

Sharing content featuring your products in all their glory will, of course, help you drive sales and promote your business on Instagram. Try Shopify for free, and explore all the tools and services you need to start, run, and grow your business. Influencer marketing and collaboration on Instagram work wonders for businesses. Take the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, the world’s number one footballer. He collaborated with Clear Haircare and brought a phenomenal boost to the shampoo.

Each post type is proven to attract potential customers and increase brand loyalty of existing customers. In short, users are starting to expect brands to have a presence on Instagram, and they want to be able to find their products there, as well. For marketers, Instagram can be an especially appealing venue, as 80 percent of users follow at least one business.

You come across an account that looks very similar to yours, and also has 10,000 followers. You notice that only 1,000 of their followers also follow you. Instagram bios don’t give you a lot of space to write about yourself – only 150, to be exact – so it’s important to make every word count.

And if people find out you bought followers, they might trust you less and not want to give you business. But you can also update your profile with a link you reference in your latest post, whether it’s a blog post, recipe, or YouTube video — like NikkieTutorials does. Instagram Live appears in the Stories feeds of your followers, but is recorded in real-time, so you can see people as they join and read comments as they come in. If you already have an email list, send a quick survey to your customers to ask about their social media habits. Ask what channels they use most frequently and where they like to follow brands.

And probably the hardest thing to get right when shooting vertical video for IGTV is the aspect ratio. And that’s why so many influencers and vloggers have already taken to the channel. Viewers will now be able to watch a preview of your IGTV video as a story.

As the favorite social media platform of people ages 16-34, Instagram is a highly effective marketing platform for brands, entrepreneurs, and creators. The problem is that Instagram’s photo feed is no longer chronological, so when a business’ post says “link in bio,” that link might not correspond to the actual link in their bio. Stories are easy for Instagram users to consume, and they’re incredibly popular. Many content creators now are putting the majority of their focus on Stories and showing up there daily, while posting in their feed 3-5 times per week. Stories also give you the chance to ask for easy engagement.

The reason is that, like Instagram videos, carousel posts are more versatile than single photos posts. Plus, you can incorporate both photos and videos into your carousel posts, so they’re a great place to get creative. By adding hashtags into your Instagram bio, profile visitors are able to click directly through to view the respective content. Keep in mind that when choosing photos to repost to your account, it’s important to stay aligned with your theme and aesthetic. Read more about buy instagram followers here. You’ll want to choose photos that are a natural fit and have a similar color scheme and editing style to your own feed. When someone is looking at your Instagram feed, it shouldn’t be too obvious which posts are yours and which photos are UGC that you curated.

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